After a bit of confirmation please!

  • Still getting my head around it all so would be much appreciated if someone could set me straight..

    -Is the IS price the average of the top 300 shares that have been bid for, or the top 300 bids?
    So, 3 people bid for 100 shares each, the average of their shares is the IS price..
    Or 300 bids for any amount of shares, the average is then the IS price.

    -If I click instant sell, does the bidder who is closest to that price get my shares?

    -Am I right in saying that IS prices could change up and down regardless of what the buy price is doing? So if I want to IS a player but the price is too low, it would be worth waiting a couple of days and it may rise?

    -My understanding is, for selling you can instant sell (sell straight away, but less money) Market sell (wait time, but more money)
    Is this now sort of the case with buying? As in you can buy at market price, higher price but you’ll get the shares straight away, or you can bid where you’ll have to wait but you might get them cheaper.


  • @NewUser584327

    IS is the average of the best 300 bid prices, 100@39, 100@40 & 100@41 would show as 40 but if you only sold 50 you would get 41. Top bidder gets the first tranche of any sale & IS can move independently of the buy or market sell price. Yes you can use the buy price for an immediate deal or offer a discount (which is added to the IS queue) & wait to see if a seller will match your price.

  • @NewUser584327

    So yes, the IS price is based on the value of the first 300 bids in the queue. This is moreorless unrelated to the instant buy price.

    I would say to avoid ISing as much as possible, although if you do, I guess you'll be selling to the bids at the top of the queue. You will never sell to someone who's bid is lower than your reserve price.

    With buying, you can "instant buy" (essentially buy futures from FI) for the price on the blue button or you can "bid" which will wait for someone to list the shares at either the value you have bid or lower. If you click "accept price movement" when you bid, you'll be able to acquire futures for less than what you bid but it shouldn't ever go higher.

    I think that's correct!

  • Is this right then?

    If the bid queue is

    30 at £1 and 300 at 50p.

    IS would be 55p (average of 30x£1 and 270x50p.)

    I IS 30 expecting £16.50, but I get the 30 at a £1 and am credited with £30 and the IS price falls to 50p on the remaining 300.

  • If your still getting used to this I'd suggest selling in 1's or small quantities so you don't get caught out selling at a blended price. That way you should be able to quickly calculate the Top IS bid and number of shares it stretches to.

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