How Ready Are We For FI To Introduce Sell Orders(Poll)

  • The 'Matching Engine' or the introduction of Buy Orders is great. A real game changer but it has created an uneveness in the market. It's essentially a buyer's market. Sell orders are in the pipeline for FI to give sellers an opportunity to sell on their own terms. How soon would you like to see Sell Orders? Your thoughts welcome

  • Now as long as we don't get another 2pc charge...

    Sell orders were what I was more interested in to take advantage of in game fluctuations.

  • Seeing it increasingly now with a frustration at market sell. The penny is starting to drop with regarding selling. I see a strong demand for sell orders coming soon.

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    Surely no-one should be in a rush for this?
    Market price = £1.00
    Current sell price = 70p
    as an example

    As soon as sell orders come in, people will list for sell at say 90p and the market price then drops to 90p, giving less profit AND shortening spreads even further.

  • @MrWh1te There's seems to be a growing number of people who suspect the market price to be a false position though.

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    It is a false position, I told everyone what would happen and no-one believed me and some told me to fuck off :p

    And now when you bring in sell orders it will make it even worse

  • @MrWh1te It works both ways mind. Those players with more value surely will command greater prices. But yes at the bottom end of the market there maybe some painful price adjustment to start with.

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    I believe you are wrong.
    I hope I am wrong.

  • @MrWh1te whys it's a false position? Surely it just depends on circumstances surrounding each player, Players yesterday were still being bought at market price. We have one league playing so it's hard to judge the market which doesnt help. Should their be a divindend increase and an IPD rise at some point that will see increase in prices and people will easily buy at the market price.

  • @MrWh1te
    How come though we now have players with 5p spreads. Demand is high for those players. If we were to lift the limitation of a market price they might sell for considerably more right?

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    @Dalian-Smith How would they sell for more?
    Anyone putting in a sell order will put it in for UNDER the market price. The market price will become the new sell order price.

    Look at it like this:
    When a player does well, like yesterday, no sell queue, and the price will rise. Exactly the same as before. No change.
    However, that is likely the only time that will happen, (whether do well because of goals/transfer links/media/whatever).

    But the rest of the time people will be putting sell orders in below that and buy orders even lower, the spreads will get smaller and smaller (I said they would be tiny and was told I was wrong and they are tiny).

    The spreads will shrink even further. This isn't even about the mechanics. This is about human nature.

  • @MrWh1te So could we see Sancho in the sub £1 market? Sounds like a race to the bottom. Your still here though. So you must have some hope that prices will eventually stabilise and growth will again happen

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    No we wont see Sancho at £1, because it will be fully driven.

    Profit margins will/have been slashed. Yes I am still here, I believe I am a more skilled trader than most and as such, there is still profit to be made. Not to mention I am stuck with a few holds as I have prices set that I will stick to and believe I will get.

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    To be clear,

    Growth will still happen.
    It will happen mainly in the div players.
    The growth will be much smaller than we have had previously.
    Because growth is lower, risk is higher.
    More risk means more people will leave.
    The more people who leave, the less profit to be made.
    And then its anyone's guess as to how far it will fall.

    I said this a long time ago when people were asking for order books. I still believe this to be the same.
    FI had something special, a unique selling point. They gave that up. And in return, they gave much smaller profit for all.

  • @MrWh1te Surely the way to go is riding the peaks and dips to profit from this new environment. A short term trading style. I know you've been a long term investor in the past. Are you to adopt a new style of trading?

  • Good shout.

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    Yup it is,

    I am trying to adapt, I have money sat in balance ready to go, but am failing to see a real, sustainable edge atm, so I am kinda in waiting mode.

    The problem I see is, most profit will be made by trading UNDER the market price.
    So, for FI, it has always been the earlier you get in, the more you can make. Early adopters, betting on the success of the site etc.

    I believe it is now the opposite. People currently with a port will have a hard time getting out of it. New money/customers will find it easier to make money.

  • @MrWh1te
    I'll agree with that. A cash balance at this stage is the best way to go to be able to respond to this changing market.

  • @MrWh1te be good for me, I'd slap a 30% premium on my players and log out for a few months

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    I was doing a £500 on each site challenge with a site-that-must-not-be-named.
    I increased that to £1000 on each so I could have a balance of £500 on FI to use.


    It isn't working out too well :(

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