• Thoughts on him as an investment/hold in the short and medium term?

  • I’ve held since about February and he’s returned roughly 10% ROI and 15% in dividends. I think he’s a rock solid hold, captain of United and starts for country. I really think he was starting to improve before the season stopped, started a bit shakey but put in some really good performances from December onwards. If football returns I’m convinced united will finish top 4, so he’d have CL football next season too

  • @ChazFI123

    What chaz just said 👍🏽

  • Yeah I like him. Don't own personally but what a player.

  • @ChazFI123 said in Maguire:

    I’m convinced united will finish top 4

    How convinced?

  • @London-Is-Blue aren't one of the current top four suspended from European competitions anyway next season?

  • @London-Is-Blue United were the form team before this all stopped, Rashford and Pogba both back fit, easier run in than Chelsea and Leicester. Chelsea not signing anyone in January is the difference IMO. I don’t think it’s impossible Leicester bottle it. Bruno has changed united and will help them pick off the teams they couldn’t break down before, and Rashford and Pogba will only help with that, something like 9 clean sheets in their last 11 games too. Not sure if bookies offers odds on that, but I’d happily have a substantial bet on united to finish in the top 4

  • @ChazFI123 Chelsea had a huge amount of injuries as well, personally i think form pre covid break means nothing as we have seen with the German league some teams and players have come back and are completely unfit. It's basically like starting a new season.

    I personally wouldn't be convinced going either way Pogba back is a huge bonus but so is RLC for Chelsea, Bruno a big plus for United but so is Pulisic back for Chelsea. Rashford back but i think a rested Tammy will be like a completely different player. Don't forget...'Hakim Ziyech has confirmed he will join Chelsea, as planned, on July 1'.

    Going to be very interesting this one and with United having the easier run in you would edge towards them but Chelsea have performed better against tougher teams this season.

    Fingers crossed City are still banned so the discussion is irrelevant though.

  • @London-Is-Blue I think this ‘break’ has massively helped Leicester, they were really struggling with their thin squad. I think this break might’ve saved their chances. Can’t wait though, should be a fantastic run in

  • @ChazFI123 Yeah I agree, going to be a very interesting few games at the start.

  • Thinking of buying in (or at least a bid) seems like a solid hold.
    United got good run of fixtures if and when league restarts and still in Europa League.

    Will probably need a goal for PB but wouldn't put it past him with Bruno swinging corners in!

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