Not getting any bids matched

  • So if a player is worth 52p and his sell price is 27p. Am I right in thinking I should be bidding somewhere in the middle of those figures to secure a match?

  • @Sinex82 kind of. You won't match lower... But if holders don't want to sell for lower than the current offer they won't. Game of patience and cat and mouse. Check Micks thread on 'sellers name your price' as an a example... I want to sell Payet... His 'price' is 0.98....IS is 0.80... I'm not interested.... Nor will I be interested if you big 90p.... You need to dangel maybe 93-95 and wait a month and I might bite.

    Obviously with the amount of time people's money has been locked in there will be some sellers far more generous in what they will accept.

  • I think most people have suggest starting at around 20% of the buy price.Might be difficult to buy until after the weekend as most sales probably went through yesterday.

  • Might be missing something but it’s easier if you’re making bids on players you own already. You can see a more realistic ‘selling price’ once you click on an owned player’s sell button.

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