Can someone explain to me how the price rises and falls in the new Matching system

  • I am looking for the most basic, explain to me like I'm a 5 year old explanation of how the price of a player rises and falls with this new Matching process. Every time I think I have wrapped my head around it I then get confused myself and go back to square one.

    I am hoping someone more intelligent than myself can put it in clear terms for me. Apologies if this question has been posted many times recently...couldn't find at a glance.

  • It used to be down to shares in circulation so any shares bought from FI via buy now pushed the price up and shares listed for sale or instant sold back to FI made it drop.

    Ive asked for confirmation how it will operate now as we can no longer instant sell back to FI the only answer they have given me is that if more people are buying than selling price goes up and vice versa the other way

    I think while FI is in transition to order books i think price movement will also be in a transition so i think all we can assume is high demand will push price up. When supply outweighs demand it will go down

  • @Black-wolf Thanks for the response. Its mainly what causes the price to drop I am confused about.

    Going by what you have said re. your comms with F-I it sounds like it is not available information. Like you said, it was very clear what was causing price rises and falls in previous system but it just doesnt seem clear to me what is causing price drops now if we can no longer IS to F-I.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Black-wolf


    you seemed to share some of my concerns last week. Can I ask you if you increased or decreased your portfolio after ME. Just out of curiosity and I completely understand if you prefer not to answer

  • @TrincheCarlovich i did neither in the way of deposits or withdrawls, i reduced the volume of some holds to free up cash for the market engine and increase the number of players in my portfolio. I wanted to reduce my exposure on individual players and spread the money around more

    Im all for Order books my main concern is really to do with the system behind price movement. I like how shares in circulation reflected price and would hope the system continues that way or else it could seriously affect the prices of players already in our possession

    What did you decide to do yourself?

  • @Black-wolf

    I sold almost everything at a quite big loss due to my concerns.

    I am often wrong therefore I kept 15% of my money in Pogba and Maddison so that if the market crash I can still keep them over the years to make my stack back in dividends.
    I think it's a good balance of PB and MB.

    It's a way to keep myself on the platform at low risk.

    Also I am stuck with some Balotelli and Junior Sambia which are valueless atm

  • @TrincheCarlovich im all about low risk but when it comes to FI everyone’s own personal confidence in the product is what really determines how we see the risk

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