Should I punt my meagre amount of Bruno for a decent profit and go elsewhere with funds?

  • Or is it worth sitting on him - even with PL looking less and less likely for a return in current climate?

  • Bruno is one of a handful of players that we know the true value of. He’s about 70p of his peak and theres no reason he wont continue to creep back up to it.

    Any player that has hit an all time high price during the period when IS was turned of has the same number of shares in circulation as he had when he reach that price meaning no shares have been instant sold and the only thing holding his price down are shares listed for sale. So unless FI have completely changed the mechanics behind price movement we know players like this will go up as long as theres even a slight demand for them

  • Aye I can see him rising and ideally I'd love to actually invest more in him but I'm wondering if I could make more money using the holding amount elsewhere. Still relatively new to all this and enjoying a good turn of profit so far, just wondering if putting that money into some like Havertz is a better idea at the present time.

  • @PMurph it all comes down to what level of risk you are willing to take. The higher the risk the higher the rewards usually. Id consider Bruno one of the lowest risk players on the index at this current time

    Havertz is a difficult one for me as i think his price rise is due to premier league links and people expecting him to transfer his PB to England. For me thats a lot speculation and the risk outweighs the rewards at his current price but if you feel confident go for it. Confidence leads to patience

  • Great advice and thanks for taking the time to offer your expertise on the subject. Think I'm just looking at his recent lack of recent MB and the return of
    PL looking less and likely and with KH scoring so highly in PB (consequently MB) he looks like a solid investment going forward.

    You are right about his room for growth and it being based on a PL move and then PB returns then - it's a bit of a weird one.

    I'd love to hold more Bruno and that's the rub, if I held more it'd be a no brainer but because I only hold a small amount I'm not sure whether to take my profit and invest elsewhere where there's a chance for more shares and higher growth.

    Could be FOMO though so not sure...

  • @PMurph it can be quite difficult but try to aim to buy when a player is cold. If you buy when others are looking elsewhere you will avoid buying on the peak. This is only my personal advice as you never know what other traders will do and a player in form may just keep rising but in the past any significant rise was always followed by a dip

  • Yeah I think missing out on Sancho rise is skewing my thought process, normally I'd avoid buying when everyone else is (if I was going to buy KH shares I'd wait until Wednesday or so and the inevitable midweek mini-dip) but after not buying Sancho at a tenner or so (thinking he'd peaked) I've had to watch as he continues to rise and rise while Bruno stalls.

    If that hadn't happened I'd be far more comfortable in sitting Bruno and waiting for the PL return. I'm really having fun just teasing stuff like this out and seeing what happens. I'm also trying to gleam good info off more experienced traders like yourself while I'm at it.

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