Transfer and pricing understanding impacts

  • I am new in here still ( I know I post quite a bit sorry) ,well I was browsing the web trying to get some ideas to prepare my portfolio for the restart of the Italian league ,and why not give a cheeky look at transfer rumours to see if I can pick up some early bargains !but then I thought to myself hang on ...what kind of transfer rumours can be value ?!
    So let me explain it better with an example :
    The chosen one is Robin Koch
    Currently sub£1
    Decent pb score
    Good age

    He has been linked to the premier league
    And I found out that the latest teams that want him are Napoli and AC Milan
    So I know that if he was to come to the premier league he would benefit from more media attention (depending on what club would sign the guy ) and anyway he would see some cap app just because he would play in England !

    But my question is how would his value be affected if he went to Italy ? Ac Milan or Napoli for instance?
    Would it be positive negative and why ?

  • Robin Koch (CB) Freiburg.He has one year left on his contract.23y old.2019 Linked to Lecicester and Tottenham.I dont know about any links to italy.Could be on the move considering his contract at previous interest as both Leicester and tottenham are looking for a new CB.Interesting highlight you have made.

  • @osmanlao
    Yes I am Italian so I also check the news in italy , and that’s why I came up with this , basically my point is let’s say he moves to Napoli would that make him increase in price ?
    While a player that moves from a non pb league to a pb league does increase in value what when a pb player swaps team for another pb league!

  • @R9inter Ok cool.I would say if he goes to an italian side in CL or EL then at his current price he would have some growth i would say.His pb today of 101 was decent.

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