How Do IPOs work?

  • Please could someone explain how IPOs work?

    I was confused for the most recent one as FI gave a time range and a price range but he sort of just appeared in the middle of the time for a price somewhere in the middle. It seemed pointless there being a range if there was going to be a fixed price.

  • They don't work!

    Previously, they get released in batches in 2 hour time slots and it's an absolute frenzy for in demand players and supposed bots harvesting up the cheapest of the futures.

    This may have changed as I guess the single IPO the other day may have been an experiment for FI. I hope so.

    If you want to dabble with IPOs, do it with a small purse as every experienced trader will have a story of being burnt. Mine was Musa Barrow 🤦‍♂️

  • FI adds footballers to the platform within time slots that they set. The process used to be on a first come first served basis, not sure if it still is with the recent one that happened the other day though.

    So the quicker you are to buy, the lower the price you tend to get for the player. But as the poster above said, they haven’t worked very well for a while now 😂

    I wrote an in depth article about IPOs here:

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