Not all matched bids appearing in portfolio

  • Today I placed 140 bids on Hannes Wolf (1.10), I was quite surprised they were all matched quite quickly. However only 100 have appeared in my portfolio, I have proof that it should be otherwise in my trade history. Has anyone had similar problems or should I email football index? Cheers

  • Yes, quite a few ppl have. I was matched on some cyprien at 6am ant they still haven't appeared

  • I have exactly the same issue. I have had some bids matched but there is no sign in the transaction history of the price or anything. It's going to be impossible to track profit etc without these being up to date.

  • I bought some Kane's who didn't appear. I live chatted and they sorted it out very quickly.

  • My advice to all would be to double check your portfolio and ensure that what you are seeing in your transaction history is reflected in your portfolio.

    I had 100 Tolissos missing yesterday for a few hours. I went on livechat and got it resolved very quickly. They seemed to suggest that it was an issue at my end and I had to refresh cookies etc etc … nonsense, but anyhoos, the moral of the story is, it is probably best to manually check and verify.

    The concern is that if I had not noticed the error myself, I could have lost out on over a hundred quid. Would FI have rectified this without me highlighting it? I very much doubt it.

  • I emailed FI & I’ve now got the correct amount in my port. They’ll be getting through them but may be worth an email if anyone’s getting impatient!

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