Sell prices

  • Am I missing something.

    Bruno sell price is (currently) showing at 9.35, but when you press it instant sell is 9.45.

    Is the 9.35 the average of all bids, but 9.45 the best 300? Or have I got that wrong?

    Should the sell price show as what you can actually sell at??

    I’m using iOS app, in case it is different on other formats?

  • Banned

    9.45 is the best bid, but will ahve less than 300 shares at that price. 9.35 is average of top 300 shares

  • @MrWh1te 👍 makes sense now.

  • Hi

    If I click on Sell for Adrien Rabiot it says £1.01 but upto at least the 25 shares I have I can sell at £1.05. I understand the averaging but if he’s in the Sell Queue it says that I don’t have any shares. Obviously I took him out of the queue. Is there no way to see your specific Instant Sell price without taking a player out of the queue?

    Thank you

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