• I seem to be butchering my whole portfolio since the instant sell became good value, kinda like gambling addiction, buying selling buying selling, hoping the index will provide a quick thrill. Anyway finally settle with havertz Werner and haaland, if I instant sell them again I’m afraid the platform isn’t for me. I suppose if you’ve a gambling problem steer away

  • My stratergy has always been to buy low sell high.This means holding buys for long periods.I have never been one to flip players.Where i have lost out is always on ipo's due to work,but now maybe with these order books i can have a better chance of getting a competative price on ipo's.

  • @NewUser332703 it's good that you recognise that you might be getting carried away. Hope it works out for you - maybe try to deleting the app and logging out each time you use the web version to help lessen your inclination to IS. I believe there's also "self-exclusion" available if you think a short break might be good.

  • @NewUser332703

    Walk away, come back in a few months... you’ll have made some money.

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