Firmino and Lewandowski

  • Hey all,

    Just wondering what the thoughts were on these two players?

    Firmino - Semi Finals with Liverpool, potential final and winners. Team player and could get reasonable PB. Going to WC with Brazil. Just under £3 so not cheap. Chance of a rise?

    Lewandowski - Munich through to semis, WC group with Senegal, Colombia and Japan so chance of progressing and been a bit I’d transfer spec for a while (also talk of signing a contract extension too though). Over £3 but again, potential rise?

    What do you reckon their true values are?


  • Anyone who's made it through to the semis has a chance of a rise, but what holds Firmino back on the Index is being a Forward in the same club team as Salah and same international team as Neymar (when fit), both of whom are very likely to outscore him for PB and MB on any given day. Not to say he can't win if he's the one who grabs a hat-trick or whatever, but I think he'd be worth more if he was the main man.

    Lewandowski I hold for all the reasons you've mentioned and I'm hoping he'll keep rising for a while, would probably sell if it looked like he was actually going to Real though (see above but with Ronaldo).

    I think "true value" is a bit of a myth as what a player is worth can be influenced day to day by so many factors. I guess all players with CL, WC and transfers have their value "inflated" just now and RL's PB scores aren't great since he's a relatively traditional #9, so maybe his "true value" is lower, but while he has other stuff going in his favour it's not that relevant. As ever a lot is about selling at the right time.

  • Lewandowski went off injured though so need to monitor that.

  • Yeah fair enough, and oh did he? I don’t hold shares as was just thinking about it. If he’s injured and his price decreases then worth more of a shout (if it’s not long term)

  • @NewUser108933 I missed that injury among all the Real-Juve madness too, cheers for the heads up! Saw on WhoScored he was subbed but assumed it was just fresh legs.

  • @NewUser108933 do you know for how long?

  • Lewandowski is a tricky one.... Based on ability, goalscoring record, being consistently his team & countries top player and one of the world's greatest strikers... He should be worth a lot more than he is.... But being 30 this year and being at Boring Brian Munchen people just don't lump on like they would a younger more fashionable and sell-able model...

    I actually think the dynamics of Football Index is changing (previously nobody would look at a player coming to the latter years of his career) and this bigger interest in 'todays' market makes Lewandoski a lot more attractive. A good World Cup for Poland perhaps? Remember your cap is three years so whilst Lewandowski should play for Bayern next season, who's to say he won't get a move within the three years? Now whether that be China, USA or England will have a massive reflection on his price... But I could certainly imagine Mourinho tapping him up for United and having a short Sheringhamesque stint at Old Trafford that would probably soar his value (like it did with Zlatan & Lukaku) to double what it is now??

    As for Firmino.... I think he's a steady hold but he's in that 'boring' category for me... He's not his clubs best player, but the second or third best player and that's why he don't get the buzz he deserves... Because he plays for a 'buzz' club any move overseas will have a negative effect... Will he go up in value if his form continues though? Yes, probably. But there are players around the £1 mark that would also do the same and you can get more of them for your money?

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