Tiered pb

  • Gold day payouts for top 3 in each position
    Silver day payouts for top 2 in each position
    Bronze day no change
    I think something like this should be introduced as a lot of people not happy about the lower end of the market. I feel this would just give more value in the index overall and would increase trading ( bonus for FI ) also think it would bring more money into the platform aswell

  • I think there is an anticipation for increased divs for next season and this seems pretty reasonable. I'd like to see some sort of GK divs too as that aspect of the market appears to be fairly stagnant.

  • @Carboney I think that would be a good move ! As anyone could wind divs at that point and would increase liquidity in the lower end of the market as well obvs an Iranian donkey will always be a donkey and will never become an Arab stallion

  • I think a div rise will come, but I think the top end of divs are high enough.

    I would like to see, say, 1p for 2nd place PB on silver days, 2p on gold days, and treble media for bronze days.

    That should be pretty sensible for FI financially and give a bit of a boost.

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