Match Day Thread 24/5/20

  • @Martyn-B i saw that tackle and my first thought was whatever its wort in the PB matrix that should of been worth more

  • @Chris-C Good luck, Klosterman has been on my watchlist for ages but after investing heavily in 4 RB defenders I thought 5 would be silly! Guaranteed MB tonight for you too I would think.

  • After the Havertz show yesterday with Coman, now Werner and Sabitzer, expect the former to take media as well. Hoping for a 0-0 in the last game unless Kainz wants to score a couple of goals...

    What an enjoyable weekend, get to do it all again on Tuesday

  • @Chris-C commentators were talking about his liverpool links saying he’d struggle to lock down a starting line up place and would be better suited to Man Utd or Chelsea so watch the express and daily mail jump on that now

  • @NewUser141130 was wondering this myself would seem unfair not to but i think they changed the media buzz prizes to help cover this in a way

  • @Martyn-B
    Thanks mate.
    Do you find that Halstenburg and Klostermann seem to take it in turns to put in decent performances last week it was roles reversed, this is why i hold both. To be fair tho all of the RB defense are well capable of winning PB on their day, so cant really go wrong with any of them.

  • Great weekend, very enjoyable despite no PB wins. No interest in last game now confirmed Kownacki is still injured. Better log off and pretend to be sociable and have some quality time and a Sunday roast. See you all Tuesday, have a good night 👍

  • @Chris-C
    Good luck pal. Never had the PB clean sweep so keeping my fingers crossed for you. 🤞🤞 Here's hoping some bit-part dirtbag from Koln/Dusseldorf doesn't sneak one of the PB positions (unless it's Giesselman than that's ok as I hold him 😉).

  • @Black-wolf
    like this lol

  • @MickTurbo another bit of evidence for the theory that you mentioned last week that i agree with that the left and right centre back positions are sometimes better for pb. Last week halstenburg scored 185 without a goal, assist, clean sheet or win (started as left of the back 3 and by the end was left of a pair). Today he almost spent too much of the time high up the pitch to actually be involved enough defensively and in passing play. He scored just 116 with the win and clean sheet. Sometimes it works as they are more likely to get assists etc but they dont get to do as much of the basics. I own alphonso davies and think the same about him: he got a goal and assist yesterday and yet only finished 20 ahead of alaba as he almost plays as a 2nd winger at times. In the end being more likely to get those goals/assists has helped him yesterday but other days alaba will easily beat him.

  • @EThomas9 yeh I do think theres something in it like

  • Missed the last half hour of Leipzig game but am happy that Klostermann racked up a decent PB score. Also hold Sabitzer so that was nice.

    Only slight downside is I bought Dani Olmo just before the game hoping he'd impress. Was very underwhelmed on first viewing. Looked a bit lost out there from what I saw. Heard some very good reports on him though and he's obviously still a kid. Hopefully he comes good.

  • @JonesyFI-WH

    First half wasn't great he was stuck out on the right, with the ball mostly going down the left, which doesn't help. He got a bit more to the game in the last 30 mins or so after he moved more centrally and looked half decent.

    He is a good long term hold, I think he will make a decent return over time, its just a bit of a slow burner.

  • @JonesyFI-WH he wasnt bad but Sabitzer and Kampl completely controlled the midfield. Nkunku and Olmo were given less to do, couple that with Poulsen dropping back into the midfield aswell meant there wasnt a lot of opportunities for every player to shine.

  • @Splurger_Dan sell half. Keep half. I did the same yesterday with havertz...

  • @Chris-C @Black-wolf thanks guys. As I said I missed the last half hour which is when Sabitzer went off so was happy Olmo stayed on to get the full 90 under his belt. I assumed he may have been pushed more central then to be involved more as the game seemed to bypass him (not his fault) on the right of the front 3 as they looked for Laimer out wide (before he went off) and even Werner was sometimes occupying his position. I have no doubts he will come good and over time, especially in a system like Leipzigs, and creep up in price. Just was hoping he would stand out more today and get more traders onside!

    As Chris C said more of a slow burner.

  • Are Fortuna Dusseldorf likely to stay up? This Kenan Karaman bloke seems promising and I'm debating whether to top up my grand total of 25 shares from a tip I got probs off the forum a while back. Seems significantly involved in the Turkish national setup so likely Euros involvement but perhaps that changes if he gets relegated.

  • Hi guys

    I’m pretty new to match day stuff but what am I missing re: Dominick Drexler?

    Based on what I’ve seen from traders previously, I thought that he’d be getting snapped up left, right and centre. I know he’s 29 but he’s got two assists at 37p, potential further IPD for the rest of the campaign too. 2 goals and 4 assists this season. Averages a goal every 5 games in league for Cologne. Cologne outside chance of Europe, certainly not relegation. Not saying he’s going to be a world beater and join Man U but seen traders chase divs on recent game days. What am I missing please?

    Thank you

  • @MickTurbo klostermann the lad with the pb win. These are the pb wins that aren’t fantastic but they all count the same. What a legend. It’s so unemphatic that it almost makes it emphatic

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