Tanganga opinions is he worth to hold ? Has he go any rise in him realistically?

  • I have tanganga obviously right now would be nearly impossible to sell at market price without football on but he is worth to keep hold of him once footie is on or better to offload on a potential spike ?

  • @R9inter Didn’t you only buy him on Friday?

  • @Gregolocky yes I did but I bought him and made 25% profit (on paper) straight away so no bad really if I wanted to sell him but I am debating if he would be a better option to keep hold of him meaning can he grow further ?

  • Can anyone tell me the first instant sell price available please. Reluctant to take out of the queue to check

  • @FI-Ads 90p apparently.

  • @London-Is-Blue - cheers!

  • @R9inter First of all tryna market sell will take ages because I reckon he still has a massive queue due to the fuck up at his ipo.
    Probably best to stick him in the queue and hope he gets game time once the EPL starts up and he performs well.
    Personally I would’ve only bought him if I was planning to keep long term ( a year minimum ) but I don’t rate him tbh

  • @Gregolocky sorry I am new on here well only started trading in March what has happened with his ipo ?

  • I don’t hold but after watching him play looks like he’s got talent likes to attack which is what seems to be driving these wing backs with there scores . Can see him around the £2 mark with decent game time and some decent pb scores

  • @R9inter No worries, basically what happened was the system crashed and his price froze at a low enough price but you could still buy shares at the low price without his price increasing like it normally would.
    So it seems there’s way more shares in existence than his price would suggest.
    I think that’s it but I probably butchered the explanation 👍🏻

  • @Gregolocky I quickly googled what’s happened with his ipo that is shocking he went all the way to 3.47 because of a glitch people bought him for 0.85 and then a few minutes later he shoot up to 3.47 lol

  • @Gregolocky so basically he won’t see any cap app as al those extra shares are still around so if everyone would de list him he would be worth over £3 on paper
    That makes him nearly useless
    If I got it right

  • @R9inter He seems to yo yo in price a bit 15-20p at a time so there’s definitely something fishy happening with him.
    Could be a few people with large holdings listing to drop the price to let a mate get on cheap then delisting to raise it back up again.
    You’ll see cap app if you hold long enough

  • @Gregolocky well I think I will keep him and see how he goes when the pl restarts I am pretty confident that I could still make a bit of profit if he rises in price with football and someone bids for more than I paid for him

    Thank you For your replies really appreciate that

  • I think he's great value. He won't be tarred by the IPO forever but need to be patient with him. I can honestly see him in England Euro squad due to his versatility - he can slot in anywhere in the back 4. I think he is best as an attacking RB though.

  • Spurs have an ageing defence with at least one of their regulars set to leave, as far as I'm aware. And it seems likely that Tanganga will sign a contract extension. So he may well have the opportunities and justify a £1+ price. But even as a (post-IPO) holder, I'm baffled and a little concerned by the movements of his market price. Another thread noted that he has regularly jumped up or down by over 10p a time, which seems dodgy to me. I suppose the Matching Engine might be a good development in that regard to negate any external underhandedness. Basically, think he might be worth a punt, just be careful in terms of the displayed market price!

  • Out of interest, when was the last time anyone was able to market sell this lad?

  • @Marco27 I did a couple of weeks ago at £1.07. I still see value in him but sadly still see him as scarred by the IPO launch, so was happy to take the money in the end. Not worth ISing with that spread but need patience.

  • I have him listed as with others in my port until the cash I used for the DB is retrieved. If I get the cash because of other sales and he hasn't sold, I'll keep him. He is the future of Spurs defence and could be an England regular if he continues improving his game.

  • I was quite happy to sell at 88p and haven't seen anything special in him so far but we will see

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