World Cup

  • Any chance the World Cup could be cancelled?
    How will this affect prices? Apologies if this has been mention elsewhere.

  • I personally doubt that they will cancel it. If it's based on the attack that happened Russia is fully capable of reinforcing with a shit load of military and police units for more safety.
    that's only my opinion.

  • @NewUser138669
    Hard to see there not being a problem with the escalating situation in Syria or am I being too dramatic 🤔

  • @NewUser126610

    There's no way the World Cup will be cancelled.

    FIFA is too gutless to take a stand against Russia. Even if the Russians murdered half their own population tomorrow, FIFA would still do nothing.

    The only slight risk is that England could still withdraw from the tournament. The USA didn't qualify, so they have no footballing way of reacting and I very much doubt that France would dare to withdraw (even if they're involved in military action) as political posturing against Russia is not really their style.

  • Can’t see it getting cancelled, however not sure what will happen when Russia goes out in the group stages - Carnage thereafter for attending supporters and if the politics takes over maybe a perfect way for Pitin to flex his muscles..

    Still reckon Pogba’s new hairstyle for that day will win out on MB though....

  • @NewUser126610
    There will definitely have some effects, yes. But canceling the wc is no option.
    What will happen is, there will be a lot of pressure on them to "make sure" it's safe, and they will do so by really having units in ll corners.
    Just as Brazil did when hiring air force units from other countries and doubled the ground surveillance.

    Some good points from @ocs123. And as for some more, by canceling the WC they are letting "the bad guys" win, that's never going to happen. look at what happened in France, they still played the game that was supposed to - but with faaar more surveillance.

  • Good football will always paper over the cracks and whatever people think about Russia, FIFA and the half empty stadiums that are on our tv's this summer come the end when ze Germans win again nobody will care!!!

    No chance of it being cancelled, I doubt any nations will pull out either... Too much money involved which is of course the source of evil which started the whole bloody thing in the first place!!!

  • No chance why so ever, if anything was to happen, they would simply relocate it to another country<however that would take time time to organise security and the likes, if relations, in rush deteriorate much close to the time then there be no chance o relocate, but I cant see this happening, Russia, know they would get smashed hard if tried to escalate anything now, remeber they are 1\10 the strength of nato, Russia, like prodding to see what they can get away with, they have got a slap on the wrists now, and know any escalation would end bad for the, they have proved as far as they can to test the unity of Nato, you wont hear much more about this after now, it will blow over pretty quick IMO

  • The money and infertructure for it to take place in Russia is huge and the amount of tickets sold at £290 upwards is a substantial amount Russia’s problems are mainly at home with drugs and hiv and bootleg alcohol containing shit that kills people has per normal everything gets out of control and has may or trump or nato or fifa got a brain between them? I personally cannot stand May and if she beat a militant cobyn by such small margins I don’t think either have many fans has for Russia the world cups going ahead be nice if it can help for World peace instead of vigilance posinings kids being killed and chemical weapons where ever the World Cup or miss world or Eurovision held there’s always some fuss only thing to note is if there was no World Cup it be just a victory to war and terror so it’s 100% on!!

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