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  • Hi Guys/Gals - I have probably got to grips with the FI now after lots of bloody stupid errors and although I am not racking it in I am on an "All Time P/L" of 21%. I am not a trader in shares per say just someone who thinks they know a bit about kicking a pigs bladder around. My question is what is a good exit strategy to move on with? Do you sell when you have made 10, 20 or even 50% or keep hold until you double your money. Initially I was the type of trader that panic sold and was continually changing my port around but advise on here helped me formulate a strategy that works for me but I don't know now when is a good time to sell a player and invest in another - I do have a fairly tidy port of good MB, PB and IPD with I hope CA. For me it is now a time to move to the next stage of my learning and to look at when a player has run his course and I need to get out and jump on the next ship. Appreciate your thoughts.

  • Banned

    For me I judge it like this:

    Would I want to buy the player now at current price? Then if:

    Yes - Hold
    No - Sell

  • Sounds like a decent ploy - thanks

    Is this how you other guys view it? would appreciate your opinions

  • @Gary-T no, don't judge it on how you personally feel.

    Judge it on how the market sentiment is.

    Many players I feel are vastly overpriced but they just keep rising, vice-versa too.

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