Buying Offers for players sub £1.

  • It’s clear that since the ME has been brought in the apparent liquidity in the lower end of the market is going to cause issues for people who prefer to invest in the sub £1 players. I can only assume though that there are users like myself who still have money to invest at this end of the market if there is perceived value. Unfortunately, without endless funds it is impossible to load multiple offers in endless players. I for example have a few hundred pounds to invest but do not want to load into the market 10/20 shares per player that I am looking to buy.

    I am looking to set up a thread where users can propose prices in multiple players to purchase without having to use funds in the instant-sell offers. People looking to sell can scroll through this page and privately message users so that they can then put their offer on the market and complete the trade. This saves the need for huge levels of initial liquidity.

    In order to make this thread as efficient as possible can I ask that people use the following guidelines.

    1.) Please only write in this thread with your offers (no general chat as this will block up the thread). Just put the players and the prices you are willing to purchase at.
    2.) Please stick to one post per user. Edit your original post if you would like to amend or update your offers.
    3.) Please offer more than the current sale price available. Obviously with these changing regularly if you can keep it as up to date as possible.
    4.) For now, if all offers can be at least 50% of the buy price so that the thread doesn’t get too clogged up.
    5.) If you are looking to sell to one of the offers made/ offer a counter offe, please send a personal message to the user.
    6.) Only put up proposed offers that you will actually accept.
    7.) Only post players whose current market buy price is less than £1.

    I think this is it for now. I really believe that if we use this thread well, we can make the lower end of the market much more fluid until more liquidity enters the market.

    If you have any suggestions as to how to improve this thread, please email me privately (again not to clog up the thread).

    Thanks, and I hope this can really help people.

  • Antonio Rudgier 66p
    Almamy Toure 46p
    Bruno Petkovic 35p
    Anderson Talisca 32p
    Leo Dubois 40p
    Landry Dimata 30p
    Sime Vrsalko 27p
    Unai Simon 24p
    Davy Klaasen 24p
    Niclas Fullkrug 24p
    Cedric Bakambu 27p
    Kepa Arrizabalaga 28p
    Haris Seferovic 24p
    Renato Steffen 31p
    Wojciech Szczesny 30p
    Kenny Tete 20p
    Shkodran Mustafi 20p
    Michael Keane 21p
    Stefan Savic 18p
    Tiquinho Soares 19p
    Inigo Martinez 24p
    Cristiano Piccini 17p
    Ryan Fredericks 16p
    Silvan Widmer 15p
    Mehdi Taremi 17p
    Sergio Oliveira 14p
    Benjamin Verbic 14p
    Jens Stryger Larsen 16p
    Davide Santon 14p
    Franci Coquelin 10p
    Frank Acheampong 11p
    Charles Gil 11p
    Uros Spajic 8p

  • @NewUser731 I like your style 👍

  • @NewUser731 that would be some port right there.

  • @NewUser731 one minor issue.

    In rule 2 you talk about editing your initial post to update your buy offers. The problem here is that somebody like yourself who has already posted a list, your post will inevitably become drowned, so 6 weeks from now you might add a player to your list at a price that some seller would be grateful to accept but they would very likely never see your initial post by the time theres 50+ posts in this thread, other than that, I really like it and have a few in mind who I will post about when I have the funds to actually buy in good numbers which will be in the next week or so 👍

  • @MickTurbo I appreciate your feedback on this mate. That is why i have strictly said one post per person and no additional dialogue to keep the info to the bare minimum. And all offers and negotiations done on personal messages.

    I, personally would be willing to look through a significant amount of posts of concise offers if it meant getting a better price on a player.

    The more that people can keep their post updated as well the more useful it will be.

    Maybe I will leave this post to allow feedback for the time being so that I can make any improvements if necessary and then set up the same page again in a couple of days once all the info has been put together.

    I would also think that a sub £1 selling would also be just as useful. Anything to stimulate the lower end of the market must be useful. The value of these players haven't dropped at all, it is merely the fear of not being able to re-sell, so if we can reduce that then all the better.

  • @NewUser731 agreed on that bud 👍

  • @MickTurbo to keep the number of posts down do you think it would be beneficial to set up a new page weekly? People could just copy and paste if they wanted to keep the same players on the list?

  • @NewUser731 I think get the format nailed on this one, then go long term on a new 1. But I still think its practical for people to make fresh posts, but stick within the format

  • Adam Webster @ 35p
    Salih Ozcan @ 45p
    Enrico Brignolo @ 21p
    Rick Karsdorp @ 15p
    Fabrizio Bagheria @7p
    Wataru Endo @ 14p

  • Politano 82p

  • James McClean 15p please

  • @Ringers this thread is for people you want to buy mate!! 😂

    Let alone get rid of him you’ll have someone asking how many James McClean you want shortly haha!!

  • @JonesyFI-WH said in Buying Offers for players sub £1.:

    @Ringers this thread is for people you want to buy mate!! 😂

    Let alone get rid of him you’ll have someone asking how many James McClean you want shortly haha!!

    I’m clutching at straws 😂

  • Callum Robinson - 42p
    Kephren Thuram - 75p
    Han-Noah Massengo 80p

  • Andrea Barberis -12p. Will negotiate

  • Gelson Dala 37p

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