marcel sabitzer ceiling price???

  • Surprised he is not £3, looks brilliant for pb and will get a move after the euros.

  • @cowan86 One of my bigger holds, great PB stats, nothing on MB which isn't surprising given the UK bias. RBL still in the CL and challenging for the league but after 5 years there I expect him to move this summer with 2 years left on his contract. He looks perfect for Liverpool to me but he'll end up in the EPL I reckon regardless .If that happens and his performances continue I could expect his price to be north of £3 comfortably, well that's my hope.

    I plan to hold until the Euros.

  • @cowan86 he’s also been linked to a move to the premier league a few times in this last year, mainly tottenham. I think a premier league move sees him at least £4 and if his PB transfers to the premier league then he could be higher. In his current situation he should be the second highest priced Leipzig player after Werner. In my opinion Nkunku should never be higher priced than Sabitzer all things considered

  • @Black-wolf I'm not sure I'd fully agree, from a PB perspective I think both are great but Nkunku has age and nationality well in his favour over Sabitzer and therefore a much higher potential ceiling price wise.

    Sabitzer is still a great buy in my opinion but I can see why Nkunku is higher priced at present.

  • @DW Nkunku hasnt made his national team at a senior level and even if he does he is unlikely to be the main PB player in the french side. On top of that he is unlikely of a transfer anytime soon.

    Sabitzer is the main PB midfielder for Leipzig and Austra plus is a lot more likely of a move.

    I personally find it strange that Nkunku is currently higher priced as Sabitzer has a lot more going for him from an FI perspective

  • @Black-wolf I think the switch in price (sabitzer used to be the more expensive) happened when it became clear that nkunku was likely to take the majority of free kicks

  • @Ddr yeah it did but since then its turned out theres a lot more to Sabitzer’s PB than just set pieces. It may mean Nkunku is able steal the odd PB win but Sabitzer is the more consistent and will still generally score higher

  • @cowan86 Mainz were shocking , he could get some pb in the german league but he wont step up beyond this level unless he seriously improves in the next year or two

  • Agree with a lot of whats been said here. I posted this om twitter last month. Personally value if around £3.50.

    His PB scores are excellent and has delivered dividends
    He is the main man for his country
    He is linked to Arsenal and Spurs

    Importantly has excellent fixtures for the remainder of the season. The best strength of schedule in the league.

    He will likely win PB again before the end of the season with the low number of matches on bronze and silver days and his high involvement in games.

  • @kaka8 you're talking off your ass mate.. He scored two against Spurs in the Champions League and he has 4 goals/2 assists this season in the CL. In the Bundesliga he has 9 goals/ 6 assists.

    Do your homework before posting don't just hate

  • Only game of the day next monday away to Koln, got to think hes got a very big chance of another 2-4p there providing he gets an hour or more

  • @Silver It wasn't the strongest argument in the case against...

    RBL getting the early goal meant Mainz chasing the game and leaving plenty of counter attacking opportunities, something they thrive on.

  • @kaka8 whether mainz were shit or not doesnt matter he won PB with a score of 217 and only played 60 minutes of the game, out scoring other members of his team who were in the game longer.

    Without Sabitzer Leipzig werent the same team they were nowhere near as dangerous on the attack. He’s the key playmaker in that squad and tend to struggle more without him. Theres no doubting his quality

  • To be honest I think Nkunku's price is based entirely off that one performance he had in February where he had 4 assists in a single game. A bunch of people overreacted and assumed he was the next superstar breakout Cristiano Messi, he started snowballing, then this overreaction was pushed even further by the stats guys saying that he was going to be putting Toni Kroos PB numbers every week because he'd taken set pieces from Sabitzer. It was just a massive circle jerk that blew his price up.

    If he had transfer speculation factored in then I could maybe understand it, but out of the two of them, Sabitzer seems the more likely to be on the move.

  • @Silver no hate, just my thoughts,

    youre the angry man

  • @kaka8 Very angry actualy.. my cat keeps pissing in the wrong place and then I read someone shitting all over one of my holds... not a good combo

  • @Silver Sorry bud, anyway itl be more satisfying for you when he wins another pb and proves me wrong, especially if it happens in the next week or two

  • @kaka8 no worries sorry if i was being rude, was having a bad day to be honest. Sabitzer is a steal anyway

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