• As the title holds, where do all of you keep yourself updated? twitter accounts, news papers, rumors...?
    A paper like "the sun" that very often writes first and shit stories can't by itself cause a market change? And papers like the BBC that in most cases only write a story when they have a relatively good source is often the last papers to write about something.

    Soo, there has to be some news in between The Sun and BBC that has credibility enough so one can try to find those players that is going up in price with rumors etc.

  • I noticed FI liked a tweet from Marca the other day and that's a paper i like to read for an alternative look on football (especially as Barca & Real are big players on FI)... The usual BBC & Sky thing... The newspapers online too but i tend to avoid the rags like the sun as i don't really condone taking photos of people who appear on sit coms on the beach.

    Obviously the biggest source of my information is actually watching games and knowing footballers, but not everybody needs to do that to make money here. Websites like soccerway worldfootballnet (German) and the FI favourite are all good for stats.

    I don't source for MB news as nine times out of ten a top eight valued player on FI will win it regardless but i do always have a regular scour around for transfer news and gossip so anyone with some website recommendations on that please let me know!!!

  • I personally identify a player of interest and then follow a criteria of the following sites;

    Football Index Edge - PB history
    Who Scored - average rating
    Transfer Whisper - any rumours which could influence price.
    Sofa Score - same as who scored.
    TransferMkt - to look at players records against a certain club if I’m looking for a quick trade.

    If I’m interested after all that, then I’ll purchase.

  • News feed on here.

    I get to find out when Neymar pi$$i$ $hit$ stands on his sons Lego at midnight or how many times his wife orga$ms

    The antibiotics he takes his foot size D**k size and he gets points for all this. Heads a football index on very loosely related football news

    Seriously I like FotMob but the fav of mine for anything is Newsnow. Put your club then newsnow in google and get everything about the subject matter before the word news now try it it works a treat!!!!

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