What's the Actual Instant Sale Price?

  • Hi Guys.
    Ronaldo Buy Price £3.24 IS price £3.09 but when you go to IS you can sell 300 at £3.20. I sold my 1100 a couple of weeks ago in two batches. Both sold immediately. I was messing around on the first day of OB and bought 50 at 8p below Sell price and immediately put up for sale to see how long they would take to sell. As he's back in the divs though I buy some more, unlisted and saw the difference of displayed IS and actual.
    4p spread big difference in purchase decision.
    Shall we use this thread to ask what current IS price is for those people who have players in the sales queue and therefore can't see that price?
    I'll kick off what's the current Bruno and Pogba actual IS price and is it for 300 futures?

  • Bruno is three hundred at 9.60

  • @Le-Blanc said in What's the Actual Instant Sale Price?:

    Bruno is three hundred at 9.60

    Just changed to 9.55.

  • I got 5 Brunos at £9.32 about two hours ago, the price fluctuates significantly and often the higher price ones are only in small batches. This was admittedly a tad before it was clear that he was well on track going to win some media divs.

    I'm tempted to try to trade and in and out of players with the 2% bid suspension in place but gonna have to assess the situation first I think.

  • @Le-Blanc cheers. Been buying Ronaldo this morning. His actual IS up and down in a 3p range.

  • Could someone who owns Haddadi run a quick experiment.

    I'm hold and I'm bidding for more. 72 more @£0.97. When I look at selling my shares I scroll up the numbers and there appears to be 3 bidders @ £0.98 but only 63 bids at £0.97.

    Why isn't it showing at least 72 bids @ £0.97?

    Could someone verify, it might be that I can't buy my own shares or something.

  • @LittleFish

    Pogba 300+ shares available to IS. Max price is £7.30 and 12 shares available at that price (calculated by adding shares 1 by 1 to possible sell order). £7.40 was top price but gone whilst working this all out. IS price is £7.25 and offered £2,175 for 300 so average IS price accurate.

  • @Martyn-B thanks. Think I'll stay in the queue. Be nice to access this info without having to waste the three weeks in the queue.

  • @LittleFish No worries, I had the same issue with Thorgan Hazard at the weekend. My reserve was £1.78 and at one point his IS was £1.81, but couldn't be sure of how many shares were available and didn't want to risk my place at the head of the queue to find out.

    DM me if you want a further update on Pogba, I have no plans to sell for awhile. Can't help with Bruno.

  • @Martyn-B cheers. I've 1100 Pogba and Bruno with £5k profit between them. I'm only selling to bank the profit.

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