I am getting in a muddle , honestly somebody take my phone away please !

  • So I had tonali 174 in my port I got on at £2.60 sold him with the matching engine at 2.83 before his rise (I know unlucky right ) !
    Got all the money and lumped on sabitzer before he scored he scores few minutes after I get him, sold him at his peak 272 , I know you are thinking well isn’t that bad...
    Here comes the disaster I lumped everything on Jhon Córdoba hoping for early goal or even better a brace but did he fuck ? He missed a few chances and then ended up selling him at a loss to be precise £100 loss ! So I got the money and chucked all on Topping up thuram , thinking well Tuesday he will score maybe and have a bit of a rise and then sell him , but here we go again not even 24 hours later I sold him on the matching engine for 1% loss and guess who I bought ?
    Yes that’s right back on tonali!!!
    Morale of the story I was £540 up and now I am at £400 ish up

    What an idiot

    What advice can you give me guys , I was doing well but since the ME came in I just went into panic mode

  • No advice from me but I think this should evermore be called a @ScouseSte moment.

    For example - “Fucking hell mate what was you thinking? You’ve had a right ScouseSte there!” 😀

  • Just take a step back, trading like that, minute to minute, it's just a recipe for disaster. I did it once and once only with adama after his first goal of his brace vs city and that was a success story but looking back it was so lucky its unreal. Very few people will have success trading in this way

  • @R9inter to be honest I'd say at least 90% of people here will have done something similar. My advice would be to learn from the experience. You don't want to keep doing this as it will eat into your money. If you think shit I've made a mistake, dont necessarily sell straight away look at a better exit time for example the next game or goal etc.... might even allow you to get out at profit

  • Don't go for short term trading like this. It's high risk, medium reward. 2% commission on every trade, this is the kind of trading behaviour that rakes in the cash for FI and slowly whittles away at your balance as a punter.

  • I feel your pain brother.

    I am in no position to give advice after my debacle yesterday but let us both take comfort in the fact we probably aren't the only two fuckwits who have recently been seduced by the sweet temptation of the matching engine and her irresistible offers 😂🙈

    I think my thirst to trade/gamble in play has now been quenched and I presume yours might be too?
    The people who are profiting from the brilliant new matching engine are those bidding and waiting. Not clowns like us who have gone full Nick Leeson in one session! 🙈😂

    As ever, patience and discipline are key. Seems we had neither yesterday mate.

    WE GO AGAIN! !

  • @R9inter Forget the day trading. Think medium to long term. Maybe stick to topping up on your existing holds and players you really want, not just whoever happens to be playing the next game. Only buy if you are happy to hold at that price until next season.

    Or if things don't improve, self exclude yourself from trading. Can't currently, easily find it, but that option exists and think shortest exclusion is 1 day. @ScouseSte is the expert on this and is possibly the only advice you should take from him today 😉

  • @R9inter nothing has changed with the way you have to play the game. Just have to barter for what you want. Abit like a Tunisian market! If only we had Scouse markets of the equivalent we could all over indulge..🤣

  • @Martyn-B

    You won't be surprised to know mate I did consider a month timeout at my lowest point yesterday 😂. With la liga due back soon though it wasn't practical 😉.

    The one thing we are all going to have to get re-acquainted with now is that when we make an impulsive purchase, we aren't encouraged to just sit on it or put in the sell queue anymore (like when IS was turned off for two months).

    In other words, we now have the ability to instantly make two big (expensive) mistakes - the bad buy and the angry sell.

    Me and @R9inter have broke our cherry! Be on your guard peeps because it could sneak up on you next, when you least expect it 😯😂

  • Thanks guy feel better 😂but yeah I have been here for three months now and up until yesterday I didn’t make any mistake weirdly enough ! But oh hey now I learnt my lesson so I certainly will try to avoid doing the same again , at least I have tonali back lol ! Of course I missed this spike but I am confident that he will have at least another 2 spikes in the next three months one when he will finally kick a ball and the other when the season ends and transfer rumours will begin he will definitely play in Europe next season champions or Europe league so up and onwards !

    That is a lesson to be learned
    I am glad that I was in profit and only lost a bit of my profit rather than my own money

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