Oh s**t

  • Done a bad.

    Wanted to cash out my profit on Thuram so I sold at around 65p profit a share. So far so good, it's not profit until you take it out.

    Wanted to reinvest in someone else and came across Maolida. Thought ' I've heard he is a bit good a while back' and bought for 66p a share. Made the next error of doing research AFTER buying. He looks a bit shit

    A lesson to all those new to the platform-even the users who have been on over a year can have a brain fart once in a while

  • He's not totally crap. He's got some merit. However any Ligue 1 purchase unless they have transfer links looks a little premature at this stage.

  • As you said. Looked a "bit" good but turned out to be a "bit" shit. Not the end of the world, he might be "alright" after a few games 🤣🤣

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