Nacer Chadli

  • Anyone think Chadli might be a good buy? He's supposed to be back fit again now and in the squad this weekend. 81p seems low and when West Brom go down I can see him being linked with a Premier League move.

  • The chant at spurs was worth £1 alone

    I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me! nacer, Nacer Chadli!

    To lady gaga. Loved it

  • Is he still playing football???? Thought he'd moved to China or Saudi Arabia or somewhere??? didn't realise he was out injured for so long?

    I like watching Chadli play but can see him being a bit of an enigma in the Championship. Doubt he'll go to the WC so a move would be his only hope but then who would go in for a player who's been out all season??

    I like the look of Jonny Evans 1.31 Craig Dawson 0.51 or Ahmed Hegazi 0.71 for moves as they are all useful defenders who are competent in the Premier League. Perhaps the boy Nyom too but think taking a punt on Chadli so early would still be a gamble all be it a small one for the value he holds.

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