A game changer

  • So guys many of you will be familiar with the fact I create a data set for £1 A month. Historically this has only been for pb and mb scores over 100 points. Well this week I have managed to revolutionise the way I capture info and so going forward there will be the following data.

    All mb and pb scores
    All player values (updated via pb or mb appearances)
    All dividends
    Filter by team, age, position
    All mb and pb wins
    Minutes played
    Starts and sub appearances
    Baseline PB (pb points without goals, gwg, win/loss or clean sheet)

    I believe this will be the most comprehensive data set available for the index. Let me know any thoughts or if you'd like to sign up.

  • @Noirx4 I'm interested. Can u let me have your E mail address with how to sign up please.

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