• Has he hit his ceiling? I get FI going to Germany, but does he return enough dividends to justify this price with rotation, and no likely move going to happen.

  • I think Gnabry is a very safe hold, I don’t hold but over this 3 year hold you have a World Cup and the Euro’s, plus playing for one of the dominant sides in Europe. He scores the braces/hat tricks needed to win PB on a gold day, I’d be amazed if someone held for the duration and they didn’t make good money.

  • @chaps1988 he was winning a reasonable bit of
    PB as a midfielder pre-COVID, which is much more difficult to do than as a forward because of the competition and because in the forward role, you're less involved than a midfield square ball merchant, so the fact he was able to do this, albeit with goals, speaks volumes for him, and speaks to his potential to be a genuine monster as a forward.

    He was re-classified as COVID was taking hold of Europe and has only played 111 minutes of footy over 2 games since he was re-classified which I think has caused something of an under-reaction by the market.

    Alphonso Davies had a similarly positive re-classification on the same day and has since shot up roughly 33%, whilst Gnab has risen only about 20%. Once hes had a fair crack of the whip as a forward I really think he could be weaker only than Messi and Neymar. Messi's getting on a bit and Neymar never actually seems to play footy and is woefully un-professional, meanwhile Gnabry is 24 years old and completely dedicated, or so it would seem.

    For me hes only a goal, or even a bronze win away from £5.50, hes the same age as Werner, more matrix friendly, and £1.62 cheaper. For me hes one of the best buys out there

  • All great points. Forgot about the reclassification. Yeh he is great on his day, just hate the Bayern rotation lol. Thanks for info.

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