Matchday Thread 26/5/20

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    Only Gnab in the big one for me, also got Hinteregger, as well as Tah who I can only hope is back, and Demirbay who I wouldn't actually be suprised to see rotated, or maybe sacrificed after an hour or so, depending on the state of play.

    All things considered I reckon your winners today may come from Borussia Mincin'fudgepack (best 5 a side team name I've ever seen), I'm saying Bensebaini, Havertz, Plea

  • Nice one for doing these Mick 👍

    I'm hoping for another good performance from Alphonso Davies personally. Don't think he will win PB tonight but as long as he does ok.

    I'm really excited for this game, on almost the level of excitement as a Liverpool v Chelsea game or something! Totally used to the no crowd now too 😊

  • Got a couple players in the Bayern game but doubt they'll win. Tah would probably be my best chance but who knows what is happening with him!

  • Got a few in the game tonight (if they’re selected) topped up some of my sub £1 Bundesliga players with ME so would love some IPDs or better still PB.

  • I hope Demirbay starts but don't mind if he's rested provided he starts Friday.

    I've got Bensebaini and Stindl for Monchengladbach. Think Bensebaini has a decent shot at PB tonight and hoping for some IPDs from Stindl, he should start with Embolo injured.

    I've also got Muller and Kostic but don't hold much hope for the latter with Frankfurt in dog shit form.

    I hope it's Bensebaini, Stindl and Muller for PB. I'll go Bensebaini, Sancho and Haaland though. Think Dortmund will do Bayern in a high scoring game. Haaland could be too much for Alaba and a half fit Boateng.

  • Tough one today. Hakimi and Guerreiro against Alaba in the big game which is likely to draw a blank for me

    Ginter and Lainer (he's been a terrible buy) in the Borrusia Monch game too. This time last week I would have said that Borrussia Monch were nailed on tonight for some PB winners but after Bremen's win at the weekend coupled with their loss at home, who knows!!

    It'll be interesting to see who competes for Forward PB with the big 2 playing each other. Plea or Thuram? Paulinho if he plays?

  • @Vaughany think Laimer is lame mate. As in injured

  • @Yellow said in Matchday Thread 26/5/20:

    I've also got Muller and Kostic but don't hold much hope for the latter with Frankfurt in dog shit form.

    True, but I think their last three Bundesliga games have been against Leverkusen, Gladbach and Munich. The have a better run in than most teams I think.

  • @ScouseSte yep came off in the last game so picked up a load more from ME; he’s great hold with CL, Euros and WC at his age

  • @ScouseSte
    I was talking about Stefan Lainer - right back for Borussia Monch. Regardless, your point still stands, you're right, he is lame!! Even when he's not injured. 😂😂

  • Many of my players are competing against each other or are out or doubtful.

    The best result for me would be:
    Def: Tah or Akanji
    Mid: Kimmich
    Fwd: Again none. No forwards to score please to ensure star man goes to a Mid or Def!

  • @Vaughany oh right sorry my mistake mate

  • No-one for me in the big one but still excited to watch.

    Got Rashica, Ginter, Arnold and Brekalo in action later.

    Bremen been abysmal of late but hoping Rashica turns up for a change. Put my faith in him and he has shown diddly so far!

  • Have Coman, Muller (looking to exit sometime soon) and now Gnabry (may flip).

    Delaney for Dortmund, not sure he starts with Can and Witzel fit again.

    Hoping Havertz continues his form and would like Volland to get some minutes, need him fit for his transfer in the summer....

    Ginter for Borussia.

    Will be watching the big game whilst 'working'.....

  • I have Plea for 'Gladbach and Waldschmidt for Freiburg. Plea won IPDs last week but that has expired so hoping he can win PB. Same for Waldschmidt. All my German holds were bought when the DB dropped on 24 April (except for Forsberg who was bought earlier), so IPDs has expired.

  • With a large hold in Pogba I really hope that Sancho does absolutely nothing noteworthy tonight, even being substitute gets column inches so hope he starts and does nothing.

  • Bailey for Leverkusen. Game tonight and another Friday. He’s been benched last two but come on and looked lively so hoping for rotation and he starts tonight or Friday.

    Friday may be the best hope as he’s got a terrific shot at best forward on a single game day. Won it off the bench last week in similar circumstances.

    Had a little rise today off Man City rumours, a start and some ipds tonight would be a terrific day.

    Also got a handful of coman but I’d rate his chances of starting and getting Mb at close to zero...

  • Is the Bayern game free to watch on the betting sites again does anyone know?

  • @ChazFI123 said in Matchday Thread 26/5/20:

    Is the Bayern game free to watch on the betting sites again does anyone know?

    It is indeed mate.

  • @ChazFI123 I've been using Navscore with no issues at all, great recommendation from a forum member (apologies, can't remember who now).

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