• I'm thinking of investing in one or two players priced between 3 to 6 quid ad my portfolio is made up solely of cheap players.
    Any recommendations on who would be best value for money
    Thanks in advance

  • @Comrade are you thinking pb dividends, mb dividends, growth or just an all rounder

  • I've been looking in this range too. I think Jesus might be a good one but interested to hear peoples thoughts too

  • so basically you have a category of around 20 players???

    I think you can profit on 'ALL' the players in this category but depending on how much and how fast i suppose is up to you?

    Take Hazard.... he has an uncertain future so if he has a good WC and Belgium do well he could get a big move and his price can easily double...

    Take Bale.... His price could drop short term if Real Madrid get knocked out of Europe and with Wales not in the WC but a rumored move to Man Utd or Spurs and his price could also double within 3 months?

    I like Delli Alli, Isco, Asensio, Werner who are all young and all should rise during the WC and after so if its steady growth you want then these are more suitable? But a gamble perhaps on a Ryan Sessegnon or Nabil Fekir on moving clubs could see you profit 'IF' you sell on the spike?

    It's all about opinion and what you want to achieve but I really see plenty of opportunities in this category to make money because once Messi & Ronaldo go the papers will be looking for natural predecessors and in this field there are quite a few who could step up to the plate.

  • Definate long term for me at a good price is Dele Ali, obvious reasons world cup, going to be playing champions league next season and I will be amazed if he starts to be more consistent that he doesn't transfer at some stage.

    Hazard - World cup and I think he will move this summer for sure creating loads of media attention.

    Bale - No would cup but there will be lots of media speculation around him.

    Tim Werner - This guy looks real glass. Still in the Europa league, going to the world cup and he has plenty of big clubs looming at him.

  • @Noirx4
    Mainly players that will provide dividends

  • There are many players in that £3+ bracket and even below with huge growth potential especially as the index grow and people look for cheaper alternatives to the top premium guys, some will fall or stay about flat but most will gain considerably I would think

  • My favourite in that bracket and I did but him at a while ago is Isco, he has all you want from a player at the moment such as CL, WC and transfer links, not doing so well on PB however if linked to the PL is just a matter of time he could grab some MB and see a further steep rise in price

  • @Comrade in my opinion Dele Alli has alot of potential as long as he's played in the more advanced midfield role he's been playing in recently. He's been a bit deeper alot this season. This has reflected in lower PB scores. If he plays further forward his price will rise and can go really high as long as he stays in England.

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