Sancho buy bids

  • Can someone please explain to me why there are matching engine bids on Jadon Sancho of £13.50 when his market price is £13.55?

    I understand that the matching engine can offer opportunities to pick up a bargain or buy a player at a discount below market price, but 5p less on a £13.55 player? Really? Why bother?

    Who is looking at Sancho and thinking £13.55 is too expensive, but I’ll buy at £13.50?

  • @ocs123 it’s a quarter of the commission nearly. Every little helps.

  • After his performance tonight where he provided more assist to Bayern than his own teammates and looked lost against a decent team I’m surprised he can’t be picked up for a tenner. Theo Wallcott would get assist against Paderborn and the lower German clubs.

  • @ocs123 if you was planning on buying a 1000 futures its not just 5p it’s £50. If you bought say 20k worth of shares a year that would end up being a lot of money, then you have the fact that as soon as you own them they show a profit, which is nice. So I would say why would you not get them cheaper if you can.

  • Adama Traore is a much better player and he’s 3 pound just saying? If Sancho wasn’t English how much is he worth, he reminds me of Walcott

  • Sancho compared to Walcott? You funny people.

  • @Le-Blanc not comparing in any way. Just saying that the level he is playing at is making him look at lot better than he is.

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