Alphonso Davies

  • Is he near his ceiling do we think? Seems expensive considering PB (beaten by alaba again), Canadian and no move likely.

  • @chaps1988 He’s an awesome player, I don’t think he’s at his ceiling tbh.
    I just think he’ll put up some monster peak scores that’ll garner mega attention and money. But because he’s playing much higher up the pitch compared to the cbs and even Pavard on the other side that he won’t get the simple passes from side to side that the cbs get to rack up the points

  • With the platform ever improving and players prices continue to appreciate over years, no way has he hit his ceiling at the age of 19. He's already cemented his place in one of the best teams in Europe. He'll be their LB/LW for next 5-10 years.

  • Agreed - I've toyed with selling a chunk of mine in recent weeks to free up some cash as he's one of my bigger holds, but have always ended up thinking better of it. He'll win a fair few PBs now that he's reclassified at left back and he's got a load of growth in him IMO. Real talent.

  • @chaps1988 To answer this directly as well - this is a good example of why base PB isn't always a great stat. Alaba's base is likely to be higher most weeks but he'll rarely win - whereas Davies should be challenging for divs when he lays on goals.

  • Hold Pavard instead for cost reasons but definitely don't believe Davies is near his ceiling at this time!

  • What's the forum's opinion of The Fonze not starting the first two games of Bayern's season? I know he was injured recently but does he slot straight back in on Sunday or what?
    I'm a holder and not concerned (he's 19!) but it will be annoying if he's on the bench, particularly because he was such a joy to watch last season too.

  • @ScouseSte I hold and equally not concerned. A lot of articles I've read talk about him as an integral team member who wasn't playing due to fitness. I expect he'll come back in at some point, they'll have so many games as well so he'll have to slot in soon.

    They played Thursday, might be a chance this weekend for him.

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