Tips for new starters

  • Hi guys, annoying newbie here. I've just started looking into this and have registered but haven't bought anyone yet. Thought this was an interesting idea as I like a gamble and am pretty good at fantasy football and have always been sure there must be a way to make more money out of it.

    What tips would you have for a new investor? I've only put in £500 to start and I'm not expecting to make a lot off of that but I'll be monitoring the profit over a decent time and then most likely investing more if I can get decent returns.

    Appreciate that a lot of it will be making mistakes and learning from them but I'd like to try and avoid wasting the whole budget straight away! Thanks in advance.

  • Firstly (if i was starting again) go for players you rate or who you think will do well in the coming weeks/months/year.... Diversify your portfolio by buying portions of players rather than chucking all your eggs in to one or two baskets and don't panic sell as you have three years to make profit on your man!!!

    Other than that have fun!!! I'm sure you'll have much more complicated/in-depth answers below....

  • @NewUser136822 if you go to comments and feedback section their is a great post by @CleanShirtTrader With a newbie starter faq. Have a read of that and you will get up to speed quickly

  • If I was to give you some advice i will tell you what I told my mates. Being patient is absolute key and have a strategy. Everybody has there own strategy in the index for example mine is to have consistent income on MB so alot of my players are high value, but in the last two months I have only missed a dividend payment once be it PB or MB. I also look at players that are likely to transfer as this has a positive impact in two ways the price, as it generally goes up and you can sometimes pick up MB on the way. Now if you have players that are in the world cup, likely to transfer and are constantly in the Media and they tick all 3 boxes then there should be opportunity there. Good luck and go with what you know about football and use Twitter and the forums, but try not to be influenced by everything you see, just take what you think might be beneficial to you.

  • Welcome. Go through the forum as there are a few posts which will help you and goes through this. Good luck 👍

  • Ive been on it 2 weeks and I look for players I like and who I think you will make a couple of mistakes I did and lost 35 quid by being impatient but on upside I brought 230 in kenedy at 82p so I'm in good profit in 2 weeks I sold a few to reinvest in a couple I think have a bright future like matey said be patient ! I'm up more in 2 weeks on here than what I was in 3 years on banking shares

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