What sell order will do to spreads

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    would like to know what people think the sell orders will do to the spreads on its release in the short term and long term.

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    @Livelee shrink them further

  • @Livelee it will push the buy bids down. At the moment we have to guess what a holder would sell for so a lot of the bids being offered are very generous. When sell orders come in we will be able to see what the holders want so there will be more insight for haggling a lower buy price

  • One of the biggest factors on what traders are prepared to bid at both ends will be the additional 2% charge that gets put on to each successful bid (thats assuming they add a 2% charge on top of the pre-existing commission for every normal sale)

  • sell orders are needed to provide balance and so that current traders can see the full benefit of order books, the addition of commission charges will also make things simpler. spreads will reduce and once next season commences I think you will see the top players showing sell prices around 4% lower than there market prices and buy orders roughly 5% lower than market price.

    This may seem very tight now but it is my experience of other order books and my guess that as more traders join the platform it will become normal to sell and buy a few pence below the market sell price.

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    Spot on

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