This new systems rubbish change my mind

  • Every single player or player I’ve had my eye on ... there instant sell is stupidly low

    Cannot sell at share price

    Portfolio value is irrelevant

    Only reason I can see footsie going up is because of German football

  • @D.R.Allenballs you do realise you can still market sell?

  • If the players you have your eye on have a low sell price, then you can put a cheeky bid in and pick them up at a discount?

    Plenty of market sales still going through as well, what’s the issue?

  • @D.R.Allenballs I’d suggest to check the rules. If you deem the IS price too low and you have liquidity, place a bid.
    When is time to sell, market sell at the same price

  • Not sure if you're being at all serious (your first point is basically saying how great the situation is that you can pick up someone on the cheap!) but the platform is evolving, and there will be good things and bad things. At the moment, I would say that the good outweighs the bad.

  • This is one of those posts where OP rocks up has a rant, loads of people come up with rational input and OP is never heard from again!😂

  • @D.R.Allenballs you realise now do you? Please pipe up again and tell us if the penny has dropped?!

  • @D.R.Allenballs if you’ve had your eye on players and their IS is low thats the ideal situation for you. You might be able to get them at a great discount.

    I personally love this new system it suits both long and short term traders and allows you to quickly and easily move money around at minimal cost. I really am struggling to see the downsides to it all

  • Its definitely an improvement. You just have to look at the movement since it began and compare it to how stagnant the platform was beforehand. There's a reason so much money has been pumped by some seemingly new big investors in the past few days!

  • Have any of you lot sold anyone at market buy value since it’s changed?

  • This might sound slightly dumb as it has been busy since its launched, but i'd like to see in action when football is fully back and theres games every other day. I think a lot of the sales are people freeing up some real world money much needed in lockdown, and I don't think its a co-incidence that its commission free for two more months as even FI know thats the best way to stimulate an otherwise fairly stagnant market at the moment. Wait for games to return and transfer windows to open and then we can fully judge.

    Personally, I remain to be convinced i think - Its clearly an improvement in many ways, but not completely. As others have said its killed the lower end market, which was a large part of the game for many (especially new joiners with limited funds figuring FI out) - We all bought dross when we started on here, but we could shift that dross easily. If you join up and are lumbered with your initial portfolio throughout and cannot sell, you'll be livid.

  • @Leighton
    That’s a really sensible response

    At the moment I’m not bothered about buying cheap

    I have a portfolio of £4000 that I’ve been working on for 2 years

    I don’t wanna sell my portfolio for £3500 because the new system lets everyone buy players under value.

  • Offering a counter to the pile-on against the OP...

    I think what he’s saying is, what’s the point in buying someone at lower than their market value if you can’t sell them on. Might be nice looking at the green numbers in the portfolio but they’re even more meaningless than before ME now if you’re forced to take bid prices when you sell.

    Not saying I agree but I think that’s the point he’s making, as he just asked how many of you have managed to actually sell at market price since ME came in 🤷‍♂️

  • @D.R.Allenballs said in This new systems rubbish change my mind:

    Have any of you lot sold anyone at market buy value since it’s changed?

    Many of us have. I have sold since 24 April, 100 or more of Rooney, EBH, Niguez, Doucoure, Grujic, Forsberg, Jota, Maddison and others. Yes, some have taken days, many have taken weeks in bits and pieces, but they've sold. I'm not interested in selling my port on the cheap.

    The Market Sales Thread keeps a record of all the market sales traders have reported:

  • I'm with the OP.

    I think the current system is just terrible. For the first time since joining, I'm having serious thoughts about selling up.

    Sure, there's some sneaky bids... but those sneaky bids... are just another user getting done over because he can't get out of his player. And if you're the type that doesn't care that another user is getting screwed over, just remember, it's going to be you at some point.

    The next player that goes to China, is going to see some drastic race to the bottom. If your player turns out to be the next Rape Allegation guy, you better have some kind of sixth sense because you were screwed before, now your money is as good as dead.

    The risks have shot through the roof for users. It's not just on those extreme circumstances either. There's a whole new platform to learn now. Many of us are walking into traps we haven't even realised yet.

  • Matching engine isn’t good for the people with a more addictive personality

  • Banned

    i have no clue about this engine thing it way over my head .. example being a few days ago timo werner buy price was 6.44 & sell price was 6.29...on the place a bid section it says place a price between Price (£4.56 - £6.5)
    so i placed 100 shares for the sell price 6.29 & didnt even move for 3 days and im seeing ppls bids getting matched in 30 mins on here
    either im thick or i just dont get it

  • @D.R.Allenballs yep. I managed to buy one player for £2.22, list him for sale and he was gone for full price of £2.59 within 24 hours

  • @D.R.Allenballs yes, just like before if there in demand they will MS if they are not they wont but the difference now is instead of them been sat in a queue waiting for MS you can take the option to IS and free your money and move on. Before ME came in I wouldnt expect to sell a player who wasn't in demand quickly and you were basically stuck with him.

  • @Dan-The-Man
    That’s exactly what I’m saying

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