This new systems rubbish change my mind

  • @Sonnyjim Don't you see a problem there? You buy some random player, he gets a rise and you offload it to FI... how is that sustainable from a business point of view?

  • @Vespasian32 Oh dear. I’m a mug! That’s a shuddering blow. I’m not the mug holding a load of ice cubes. Form a constructive response as to why I’m wrong. We all know that you’re just a footstock mouthpiece.

  • @Silver cos every share in existence is bought from them at full price... So any IS is still profit for them

  • @Sonnyjim said in This new systems rubbish change my mind:

    @Timothee-Atouba listen Timmy, at the time the players weren’t worthless, a lot of traders have made a lot of money making 50% in the sub £1 market.

    You stick with your 4 Sanchos and 2 Pogbas and keep your nose out 👍

    Instead of insults provide a reasonable response as to why I’m wrong.
    As far as Sancho and Pogba are concerned I don’t hold, but at least if I did I’d probably get the price back in dividends.

  • @Sonnyjim Furthermore. If nobody will buy a player it’s because they are either overpriced or worthless.

  • @MrWh1te said in This new systems rubbish change my mind:

    This is absolutely the point. And it is VERY important.

    Selling is tough.
    All these people buying low and posting stuff like 'just bought xxx for 20% discount, rockets!' etc are gonna have a tough time selling.
    It may get better when sell orders come in, but I fear a race to the bottom at that time.

    Not true. Im having no problem at all buying at discounts of 15% or more and market selling back. Its all down to impatient traders who cant wait a few days for bid orders to be matched and also dont want to wait in sell queues.

    Theres only one issue with the new system which doesnt actually affect me as my budget isnt high enough and thats buying and selling in large quantities and that’s because we cant current see the depth in sell queues or bid orders

  • @Timothee-Atouba I don't think you should open the door to a footstock convo... Last time we did that about half a million in cash moved from FI to FS...just from the people I've spoken to directly 😱

    You are a mug, because Mr white and I both referenced AC comments that IS would be phased out after OB. Shouldn't have to factor in ceo being a liar into our decisions.

  • @Vespasian32 You’d have to accept though that the old market cap is ticking up nicely here wouldn’t you?

  • @Vespasian32 So you buy a player off them for 50p and sell it back to them at say 60p. They are paying you 10p more than what you payed for it. They are basically losing 10p right?

  • @Timothee-Atouba we don't know what it's calculated on. I suspect withdrawals far outweigh new money. Probably why they have blocked most large withdrawals atm. Maybe why they cancelled their affiliate scheme too...and removed IS. Suspect its financial issues rather than optimal choice.

  • FI were offering ridiculously low spreads for IS on cheap players, most of them were never gonna win dividends.
    People including me probably made a shitload with literally minimum risk. Some overexposed themselves way too much with ‘ greed ‘and are now paying the price as nobody wants to buy these almost worthless players.

    I get that FI have changed the goalposts but did you really think they would be offering 2-3p spreads for IS forever !?

  • @Silver wrong. If I bought for 50p and I'm IS for 60....means theyve sold 900 at 51...52...53...54..55...56..57..58...59...60

    They can never be left carrying the baby. The pot of money received on a player will always outweigh the money paid out even if everyone IS.

    The bet is won or lost on divs vs money received. Ipds only valid for 30 days... And 1000s in the market either have zero chance at divs... Or simply ipd... So they can afford a load of us to trade volume down low cos the payouts are comparatively small... They are effectively betting that Joe Allen won't score 5 goals in 30 days.

  • @Vespasian32 Ok I'm just trying to understand

  • @Black-wolf
    Which backs up what I said all along, from the very beginning, that those with cash to spend can make money trading below and those of us with ports and no cash are fked :p

  • My prediction is that IS of some form will be available, possibly when the Sell part of the Matching Engine comes in. I think this will be either be once leagues are all back up and running or ready for the new season.
    FI have protected themselves and the market during the Covid19 outbreak. They have brought back some liquidity with the Matching Engine, whilst still protecting themselves and in turn us. The next stages of order books and IS will be phased in when safe and appropriate to do so.

  • @MrWh1te thats why you have to be ahead of the game. I listed proportions of my holds weeks ago in preparation for IS being turned back on or order books coming in so i had a cash balance for these events as the outcome of them was obvious but too many people were still complaining and trying to shift there PB ports for MB when it was too late to be solely focused on MB.

    I sold up most my port in January when Coronavirus cases were starting to appear in the UK and switched to MB at that point just incase the worst should happen. I only noticed the importance of this at the time because growth in my port was stagnating and the only reason i could come up with was that people were preparing for the worst.

    You dont just have to buy ahead of the trend you have to factor in selling and when there will still be demand for the players you hold

  • @Black-wolf
    Just because you got lucky, most people didnt. This means money pours out of the index. That is my prediction, we will see I guess

  • @Sonnyjim agree with you on the Karaman part. Very tough to sell at the bottom end (and i'm talking the low £1 end, not the riff raff at the real bottom).

    I hold Max Arnold and he scores 1 and assists 2 in a 4-1 away drubbing. Wins Top Midfielder and Star Player and goes up a whopping 2p. Has now dropped back down a penny. Would've had no chance to exit if I had wanted to (which I don't by the way - but I might've done).

    Yet the top end is totally easy to exit. Haaland doesn't touch the ball all game but he does scratch his left bollock just before kick off. Instant 40p increase.

    "Why not just buy at the top end then? You're the mug if its that easy!" everyone says. Well not every fucker has a spare £850 to chuck at the puffy faced Norwegian!

  • @MrWh1te and @Vespasian32 I think you both need to give it time, we dont know what will come of the next implementation of order books. Put it this way FI removed IS during a huge crisis, turned out to be genius saving us and them money at same time. I dont see them "turning it back on" whilst we remain as we are. They've allowed us to buy at a discounted price for time being but doesnt mean IS will not be available going forward, we still remain in a pandemic

  • @MrWh1te not so much luck...i have a FI friend who was texting relentless in Jan warning me to get money out... He removed £200k... Whilst I was still thinking covid was a glorified cold (having had swine flu myself when that was around). I'm sure @Black-wolf followed it closely and made a judgement on his risk position etc.

    I hope @AJH1982 is right and IS is reintroduced. Just hope it's sooner than later cos I do feel they have alienated customers... And at the same time rendered thousands of players useless... That's not good for anyone in the long run.

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