Suarez And benzema

  • Are they worth a go now?

  • @NewUser332703 yes. But it depends what price you can get them. Suarez at 75p seems better value than Benzema at 94p but I'd look for a discount.

  • @NewUser332703
    You'll be lucky getting Benzema a bit cheaper, he's already dropped a bit other last few months and nobody has nibbled at my bids.
    He can rise back up £1-10+ easily and if he leaves RM in summer to go back to France, he'll be smashing them in.
    I ipd swap Benzema 20 g & a in la liga and hes been a good hold.
    @Lukeroro says Suarez at 18g & a in la Liga and hes not wrong.
    Why don't you go 50/50 ....especially as they will some how finish champions league and you might get better dividends the further they progress.

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