1 year later

  • So been on a year now and WOW what a platform originally invested a couple of hundred and realised pretty quickly that this wouldn’t quite cut it for me so with the 10% deposit on at the time I decided to take half my savings and pumped £13000 in as I knew this would guarantee me £1300 profit straight away so taking this into consideration in my mind this was my safety net to get out still in profit if I didn’t like it come the end of the promotion. Before Covid-19 hit the football world I’d invested £15000 and port value was £24000 I’ve since put in another £5000 and port value with cash balance sits at £31350. The thing I find hardest to deal with is the constant change in dynamics on the platform as in just 1 year there has been a matrix review dividend increase at least 3 deposit bonuses ( which are great for the vast majority of traders) media bonuses super match day thingy majig ( never did grasp that 1) and now the biggest change yet with the new matching engine. All in all I’m happy with how things are going even if the ME has made it a little more difficult to get out of some cheaper holds. A lot of people on here preach patience is KEY and I can safely say this is correct 9/10 because from my own experience if I’d kept the majority of players I’d originally invested in I would have been 100% profit but I suppose it’s all part of the learning process on here. Looking forward to what the next year brings and ideally would like to streamline the portfolio a little as hold 28 players but would like to hold between 10-20. I’ll definitely be staying around as I still think the platform has plenty of room to grow and I’ll be looking to invest another £10000 at some point but that will 100% be my last deposit as the plan would be to try and double total investment then pull out the original £30000 then just play with profits like some already are think this could be achieved by next summer🤞like to thank the forum ( vesp turbo wolf westy Tom77 sav ben pz yellow fletch little fish johnyboywalker (ericali?🤔🤪) janner would be good to see you back at some point. There’s definitely a couple more of you guys which have helped with my journey all the best to everyone hopefully the future of the platform continues to prosper along with your portfolios

  • Good work-good luck going forward 👍, nice to see other one year in guy getting used to platform after changes and trying to get a profit.

  • Great work. I've been on four months and recently I can't seem to get above 12% profit but with all the changes and Covid-19 I'm hoping that will change as more and more games return and the changes to the platform settle.

  • @Carboney

    Congratulations on the profit so far mate, and thanks for the mention.

    Your message shows the strength of the forum when used for the right purpose.

    Too many traders get caught up in a 'me, me, me, pump, pump, pump' mindset and cannot see the big picture reasons for why they should genuinely look to help their fellow traders in understanding the intricacies of the platform.

    I firmly believe that if you are making money on the platform, then you are more likely to invest further and/or recommend the Index to a friend.

    If you win, the index grows ... if the index grows, we all win.

    Here's to another 12 months of profit mate! 🤑👍

  • Also one year this week here, loving the platform. Really enjoy doing my research for it and gives me a different angle to view football. Even bought a house this year and justified putting down a smaller deposit to keep my port in tact. Brave or stupid maybe but still happy with my decision although when covid came around I thought what have I done. However the way FI have performed through it just made me wish I’d of been able to invest during that time!
    Biggest thing I’ve picked up on is how reactive the market is and patience can go a very long way

  • @Erased-Citizen I was on about that for ages, then got up to 18% before covid and now on nearly 25%

    That’s taken 15 months so give it time and you learn better ways to make the money work for you. You wouldn’t get 12% having it in a bank.

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