ME and reserve price

  • Hi, quick question.

    If I MS with a low reserve price, and the ME matches that price (The reserve) will it automatically sell? I’m hoping not as I set low reserves to stay in the queue through dips on players with large queues / move up the queue. I don’t really want to sell or match at that price - hoping that makes sense?

  • If you're Market Selling the Matching Engine doesn't get involved as that's for Instant Selling. If you Market Sell you will get the Market Price when the shares sell. The Reserve Price is basically you saying that you don't wish to sell for under that price (i.e. you'll get the market price of that player when he sells but if his price falls below your reserve price, he will be delisted).

    For Example purposes:-
    You list Joe Bloggs for Market Sell and his current market value is £2.00
    You set a Reserve Price of £1.90

    So he will either sell at £2.00 or higher if his market value increases during this time
    Or he'll sell somewhere between £1.99 and £1.90 if his value drops.
    Or he'll be delisted automatically from the sell queue if his value drops below £1.90.

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