£1-£2 cash outs

  • When I started FI, the £1-£2 bracket was ideal for me - as I could build up capital slowly and see some rises. It's worked so far, and I've seen a 20% rise on Max, 10% on Gosens - but I'm trying to make the transition to more premium holds. That price bracket isn't necessarily dead, but I'd feel safe with more active holds ( I now own Nkunku, Hakimi, TAA and Odegaard).

    Would 20% on a player (it's Phillip Max, 26) be a decent cash out point. He's never going to get to £2...maybe £1.50 tops? Or is it good to have a diverse port at different price points. Thanks !

  • One certainty about FI is that is works in cycles. And generally when you see big changes, the big boys get bought up first, and then it trickles down lower as people look for value.

    Be patient, and your holds in this price bracket will become fashionable again.

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