Bidding for players

  • Back to basics here but when placing a bid on a player, would it be advised to bid higher then the current instant sell price to jump in front of others trying to purchase cheaper. Is that how it works? Thanks in advance for replies

  • @Ash88 it all depend on how much you want the shares, how long your prepared to wait and what you think the players price will do in the near future.
    If you think he is going to rise soon then bidding above the sell price would be a good plan but if he is stagnant and you are looking for bargains then bid below the sell price and hope the price comes to you.

  • @Monty thanks for the replie. I hate change and preferred it when it was simply buy/sell. I’m sure I’ll get use to this new ME feature. Just trying to learn rough margins on where the middle ground is with this new place a bid/sell.

  • @Ash88 I’m enjoying the new ME. You have to adapt to the change or the platform will leave you behind. It’s going to take a little getting used to, I’m sure phase 2 will be not too far away and will change things again.

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