How to Sell Players?

  • Hey,

    I am fairly new to the index and was wondering if anyone could help me.

    For the past 3 weeks I have been trying to sell my Guerreiro shares using market sell without success. During that time his price has risen and decrease multiple times sometimes by as much as 10p.

    I have adjusted my selling price accordingly and even put a reserve price 5p lower than the market price. I don't understand how my shares won't sell. Surely if the price is rising by 8p then my shares have to sell as many people are buying his shares?


  • @NewUser507842


    So the price can go up because of unlisting. The market has been stagnant in areas but Guerreiro had some strong performances so would’ve expected to sell. He’s £2 something. I mean the queue could be thousands deep and if some of it was unlisting. I assume when you say lowered sell price you mean reserve. If it’s Market Sell you’re not lowering the price.

    I’m not the expert, newish myself. Sorry, I didn’t really help but tried!

  • @NewUser507842 hi, there's two types of selling at the moment - Market Sell (where your shares join the Sell Queue) and Instant Sell. The Instant Sell has just been revamped and is part of the Matching Engine, whereby buyers can set their own bid price and amount. Therefore fewer people are now using Market Sell.

    It's certainly possible to still sell via Market Sell, and with a reserve price too - I just sold some Ansu Fati this evening. However, the reserve price simply means that if the price drops to a certain value, the sale will not go through. It does not mean that you have reduced your sell price to begin with, which will be the next step of the Matching Engine in the not too distant future.

    Guerreiro is a great player so I'm sure you'll be able to market sell eventually but it may be that you're a bit further behind in the Sell Queue - if you are unlisting and re-listing, you lose your place.

    You can see how popular a player is in terms of demand by looking at the difference between Buy and (Instant) Sell price, which appear in the big buttons next to one another. A small difference indicates that a player is potentially in high demand, at that moment anyway.

  • It's all about being patient, try not to cancel your sales and try to wait, RG is a great player and in demand I just bought 30 shares in him so it shouldn't be long for him to go

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