Cunha thoughts ?

  • So I must admit I didn’t even know who he was before joining football index and even after I joined the only thing that I knew about him is that I is Brazilian .
    Then I was watching Herta first game after the covid break and he caught my eye but I didn’t buy him then , only a few days later as I thought well he is young and has got some skills plus Leipzig has got a good talent scout team ! Well I must admit the guy is growing on me quite a bit and no just because of football index I have been watching herta last game as I now hold him and boy he has got talent !
    Today he has been linked to inter but I would rather he stayed another year with herta despite being a inter supporter (I am Italian )
    We have the tendency of burning talents , so maybe he should stay another year in Berlin learn a bit more and make sure to stay humble (Brazilian players like to party too much and italy is a bad place for them Ronaldinho,Robinho,Adriano just a few examples , they all did great but liked one too many drinks ) cunha is only 21 and at that age is easy to loose the right path ! What do you think guys ?

  • Not sure why RB Leipzig let him go to be honest.Could have more clubs looking at him.Don't know if he has a release cause in his contract.First season at Hertha.

  • Had him at 1.20 and let him go. Hes good tho

  • The Leipzig game was the first time I had seen him play, I though he looked good. I think i would want to watch him a few more times over the end of the German season, but he looked value, so he is on the watch list with a view to getting in next season. also that lukebakio looked pretty decent as well for about half the price

  • Bought into Piatek, Lukebakio, and Dilrosun before the resumption because I had a good feeling about Hertha's attack - so obviously Cunha is the one who's rocketed! He looks good tho, think he might dip a bit at some point (end of season?) and might dip in myself

  • @FootballArgos I would be happy if he had a bit of a dip even if I hold so that I can top up at a cheaper price and why not maybe place a cheeky bid ?

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