🎙 FigCastExtra Ep. 17: Kevin De Fat 🍩

  • I was joined by @Sporting_Panda to discuss:

    ⚫Bundesliga action & chunky Sancho 🇩🇪
    ⚫Matching Engine🤖
    ⚫All your questions!

    ⛓️Listen here: https://footballindexguide.com/fig_podcast/figcastextra17/


    ♻️/❤️ Appreciated!

  • @The-FIG @sporting_panda i nearly smashed my phone in anger today after listening to some of the crap 💩 you talked this time, I've heard some dubious comments in the past but please you both should hang up your microphones right now.
    Your not gentleman your cads of the 1st degree, and back in the day we'd be doing pistols at dawn forthwith!!!!!😡......

    FIG you don't like Tomato Ketchup....wtf you animal!!!! That's crazy talk right there

    Sporting Panda 🤬 Ketchup in the fridge OMG you crazy Son of a Bitch!!!! It stays in the cupboard 😤.....

    Stick to stats and football not condiments and sauces you neanderlithic swines.

    Ps next time you have wedges,chips or crisps try sour cream or spoonful of Philadelphia cheese spread with a sweet chilli sauce on top and dunk you potato choice into that...😍

    Rant over over than that great episode 🙄😉😎

  • @Doug-s

    I dont know

    there could be a niche there

    Condiments and Sauce Index

  • @Advinculas-Index
    I think your right we could brainstorm something around the C&S Index that would

    'Cut the mustard' 🍻😉

  • @Doug-s Pahhahhaha glad you enjoyed it mate!

    Ketchup is for monsters, sour cream and chive is the one. End of story!

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