• I've noticed that right now he is going for 75p and I'm sure that he's a bargain for a player of his quality, even though Chelsea are having a poor run of form. what do you guys think?

  • like you said good price for a player of his quality but unfortunately the chances of him winning PB for the rest of the PL season are unlikely....if he plays for Spain in the WC then he may have a chance....also in Europa League for Chelsea next year the chances of him winning PB dividends are difficult because there are so many more teams/players to win that prize !!

    It all depends on how long you want to hold onto him for !!

  • @NewUser136719 Yeah was thinking the same ive been slowly adding some futures the last few days. I know he's back up for Spain but i suspect he will still get game time....last group game after they have secured qualifying! but primarily i have bought for next season. Agree with Andy I suspect he will be above £1 if he gets a start for Spain for whatever reason or come the start of the new season. Seems like a steel at 75p

  • @AndyP32 Are you sure thought it was triple MB for the group stages of the Europa league and Double for CL group stages?

    However, Azpi, if he starts for Spain, may go up a bit for potential PB but no transfer spec and not a guaranteed started for Spain. With Chelsea basically given up till next year in the league. I'd wait to get on but we all do this differently :)

  • @toaster-poster i'll change my original post to make it clearer....

  • @AndyP32 Was more of a question hopeful to be answered then i'm right your wrong post.

    Couldn't remember and didn't want to go back 1000s of transactions to see if i cold work it out lol. Should be as 16 games being played then.

    Either way we both agree it's a long-term hold rather than a short-term player. EL Group Stages a nightmare to pick depends on the groups' people get. Some absolute Pony teams in there.

  • @toaster-poster I've just read that TREBLE PB DIVIDENDS are for days with 15+ matches or QF or further in a European competition (EL or CL).

  • would Spain go Carvajal, Ramos, Pique, Alba if all fit??? if so Azpi doesn't hold much value for the WC which is a shame because I think he's one of the best 'defenders' in world football.

    I like his value though and certainly only see him going one way.. might be a slow unexciting burner but certainly holds worth above a pound so pretty low risk for anyone to take??

  • @dannypea Might get on after world cup during transfer season madness...

    Too early now think i can use the money better elsewhere.

    Could get into most teams at the back. Think they will go to RM and two Barca defenders for political as well as sporting reasons may be wrong mind.

  • @AndyP32 Cheers Fella it is then. Not bad hopefully we can get them agaisnt the Lithauin champions or the like.

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