10% increase in premier league thread.

  • One player in the premier league you think is almost certain to increase by 10% before the premier league is back and why.
    Mine is Diogo Jota.
    Why? Wolves have a nice run of fixtures and he was earning some nice divs before covid and this will be fresh in traders memory.
    Everyone leave their 10% prediction below.

  • Harry Winks for sure, Spurs have good fixtures and he gets on the ball a lot and has excellent passing stats / accuracy. He's only 98p so easily has 10% growth in him - possibly 20-25% - and is young(ish) at 24, English, and a likely trip to Euro 2021.

    Also Ismaila Sarr - thinking of buying back in when I have the funds to do so - his pace is explosive and even the best defenders can't handle him on his day (he tore Robertson apart at the Vic in Feb). Definitely has growth in him, and he's only 22 plus, though I hate to admit it as a Watford fan, he's got the transfer rumour angle to come as well

  • @gloryhornet88

    Can't have Winks he looks pedestrian to me ,Billy Gilmour is the boy.

  • 10%? Probably most of them I’d imagine off the back of the confirmed restart date. Certainly everyone in the top 200 anyway.

  • @NewUser65276 £3.05 for a lad who's played 6 senior competitive games in his entire career to date is far too expensive for me. Winks is a proven player / regular starter for a top team. But, each to their own.

  • Bruno will probably be at £11> prior to a ball being kicked tbf

    also at the top end Possibly Sterling considering the rises that Rashford and Kane have had i could see attention turning to Sterling next especially as Man city are one of the first teams to play. Hes currently £5.80 so were talking a rise of 50/60p though.

  • Pulisic and no i don't hold.

  • Tough one this - I don't expect the season to play out as we would 'think'

    Our league has the most overpaid showpony feckers in the world and as such, some won't give a shit about playing and as such runs of fixtures etc mean nothing.

    Might be worth looking at a fringe player that will take advantage of squad rotation......most of the players in the prem cry if they have to play once a month, its looking like twice a week!!!!!!!

    PS - Might be worth looking at players like Long (I bought him with this in mind) who are dirt cheap and WILL rocket after a single goal is scored by them before the end of the season. Be plenty of players like that - sub 50p that have ONE rocket in them.....IN and OUT

  • @Millerman I wouldn’t be so sure re Long and other low end strikers for a short term flip. There are countless examples on the BL where low end players scored and didn’t rocket up in price. Reason being it’s only 1p in IPD and they don’t win PB. Why would I pay a 5p premium on his current price for 1p in IPD? Remember that the PL won’t be the only show in town like the BL was.

  • Bruno will steadily climb from now until matchday. Currently Bruno and one other player are my most confident players for cap app by a long way

  • TAA will hit £9 soon. Looks to be one of safest holds at the moment and a reliable dividend returner.

  • @gloryhornet88 he was on my list and, unhelpfully since you've posted this, he's jumped 10p!

  • Dwight McNeil with his wand of a left foot hoping the lad is a star

  • @Hint that's annoying, as I don't hold him but do hold Winks! Still think both represent excellent value + potential.

  • @MikeWagner I know what your saying - but its the PREM, look at the prices going - its going to be nuts when the footy starts.....remember the only guaranteed thing with FI is that when it comes to the platform - there is no logic at all as to why things happen at times......it just does :-)

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