New feature I would like to see.

  • So with the new ntroduction if the Matching Engine, I would like to see the addition of a new feature. Instant Sell Value. We currently have the portfolio value, but let’s be honest if you want out you are not going to get that figure in a rush. I would also like to see the figures for my port if I took the instant sell option, so that I know where I stand if I need a quick exit. Does anyone else think this feature would assist you?

  • Forgive me for slightly gatecrashing this topic but on the new feature theme, having the option to filter/sort our portfolio by age, league and %s would be welcome.

  • @Sweetbagger id like an option to edit bids instead of having to cancel and place a new bid.

    Yes your idea would be handy as at the moment when you sell you sometimes get either less or more than you think when you sell less than 300 shares

  • Maybe I've just been thick but it would be good to be able to see the market depth for players you've got in the sales queue. I was at the front of the sales queue only 80 odd left so thought I'd take the IS price so de listed but there was only 5 avaliable so need to wait for more IS oorrrr go back to the back of the queue.

    Ps does someone want to buy 79 Matija Nastasic off me? He's appears to be shit but would do me a massive favour!

  • @Wynnston said in New feature I would like to see.:

    I was at the front of the sales queue only 80 odd left so thought I'd take the IS price so de listed

    Allowing editing/reducing your existing sell queue quantities & reserve prices would be a big improvement & eliminate this problem. Your specific problem can be worked around by always keeping a single tracker in players, so even if the rest are in the queue you can still activate the IS button with the single tracker, allowing you to see how many are available to IS. Sorry don't really want any Matija Nastasic though!!

  • @NewUser159387 Good shout I'll do that going forward. I had him in the queue pre ME but wouldn't gave thought of that it a million years.

    Give me a shout if you change your mind re Nastasic 😄

  • I would like them to add the historical record of the sell price to the players graph to run alongside the buy price

  • @Advinculas-Index yeah ive been wishing i could see that too

  • A block button, like Twitter 👍

    So I don't have to read drivel from certain users.

  • Is this like a 'wish list'?
    What a great idea!

    Perhaps if a post gets 10 likes, FI has to look at it?

  • @Dronny-Gaz I'd think they were permanently spying on me! 😂

    Like the Russian KGB!

  • Able to break down your transaction history into sub-sections.
    Purchases, withdrawals, deposits, sales etc.

    Its like Wheel of Fortune when I'm scrolling to find something. Especially now we also have bids/cancelled bids showing.

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