Is anyone bothered about the 2% buying commission coming in July on the Football Index or do you think there will be more bargains?

  • I'm just wondering what the general view on this is? Doesn't really bother me but wondered if others are annoyed or fine with it.

  • I haven't been interested in the ME, and certainly won't be when the 2% is introduced in August (it's free until the end of July). It could cause the market to be stagnant as it will be difficult to get a good deal on your bids.

  • If you're getting a player at a 5% discount, then with commission that is still better than market buying.

    However, it will mean MS will still be heavily used, so traders can usually get their players' values if they are patient (as it ever was).

    And the extra commission means more dividend rises in the future, which will only benefit us all.

  • No I think there will be a div increase at the same time.

  • I would’ve thought that if a player gets injured then that might be a good time to put a cheekily low bid in. On occasions such as that it might be successful and could be worth the 2% hit. That’d be in anticipation of them rising again when recovered obviously.

  • Giving away more of your money,should always be a concern....

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