• I've built up a decent portfolio with no defenders (apart from Robert Skov) so far and I'm starting to think that I'm missing out on quite a bit of value....I've always thought that attacking wing backs could be the only big risers on the defenders category but now I find myself staring at Harry Maguire and Rob Holding (of all people) thinking their may be value...has the ME sent me crazy? Or do people think that Holding can rise?

  • @Oaksey1011 defenders definitely can rise - especially if you are 'holding' for a significant length of time.

  • I've been snapping up defenders for a while and all are now showing me a close to 100% profit - Castagne (Atalanta), St Juste (Mainz previously Feyenoord, but linked to premier league clubs) and Ruben Dias (Benfica) - having seen the rise in Fernandes when he moved to the Premier League i've big hopes that Dias will be a £2-3 defender if he gets a big move. If not, worse case is i'll sell on for a large profit.

  • gotta have 10percent defenders and 10percent gks...just for fun

    problem with defenders is if they are good on the ball they will move to midfield, however if you find one that pulls in consistent media for a couple months then they are gonna fly with a huge percentage rise which youll probably have to get out of at some point

    just my thoughts, no gospel here

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