• Just me or this guy looking very underpriced right now?

  • @NewUser355290 Held for a few months bout a year ago and imo not a good hold currently. Not gonna get pb against Rashford or mb against Bruno or Pogba, just in his own team. If he moved back to France he could possibly be a good pb hold.

    Full disclosure I got out at a minimal profit after holding at a loss for good while

  • I think he will move away within the next year or 2. He’s not going to cut it as United main number 9 and he’s not going to be content with warming the bench either. I think in a weaker league, perhaps Ligue 1, his PB scores would rocket.

  • @NewUser355290 Ya if he moved he could be valuable, but he’s only 18months into a 5 year contract so it’ll take a huge bid for Utd to even entertain it.
    If bought now he’s a slow burner at best imo

  • You just never know he could have a brilliant season next year, he's only 24 also. I like him and a lot and hold a few.

  • In terms of FI he’s poor for PB and doesn’t really return much MB at all. Don’t think he won any PB the whole time Rashford was injured and I doubt he will now he’s back; never scored over 200 in his whole career. Doesn’t get involved in build up much and can spend a lot of the game very quiet so that won’t help his chances of PB

  • It fully depends on his form (and position) on the left is pb is decent, centrally it's not.
    He is low priced compared to the others and one really good game would see a substantial rise. Hits a bit of form and he would easily be £3.50 - £4
    On the balance is probably worth a punt; as his price isn't gonna be too much below what it is now if he does nothing.

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