• Ive only been on The Index for a month and still learning. Can someone please explain why the media buzz today for Ivan Rakitic is showing as Zero, despite several articles (Including from The Star) mentioning a potential move to Manchester United?

  • because like everywhere we go the media is corrupt!!!!!!!!

  • just put your money in to Ronaldo, Neymar & Mo Salah and it'll never be an issue though!!! ;-)

  • It's a genuine question (And I am not expecting him to outscore Ronaldo today in MB) as he should not have a zero MB

  • Have a look on the Ruben Neves thread, it's being discussed on there, similar issue with him not getting picked up for articles, I think it's to do with the alogorhythm that picks up the news stories, if the name in the article doesn't exactly match the one on FI it doesn't pick up the story

    Jean-Michael Seri is another example of this, he's Jean Seri on FI and so his articles barely ever get picked up, it's a flaw on the platform that needs ironing out

  • its probably all to do with algorithms and how you pronounce Rakitic or Rakitić

    I actually don't know how the media buzz works as it seems to pick out only 'certain' articles on 'some' players but i've been here 8 months and i can count the number of different media buzz winners we've had on one hand.

    I'm genuine about saying put your money in Ronny & Neymar etc if its media buzz you want because 99% of the time the top 8 highest priced players on here will win the media buzz.

  • Yeah it will likely be because the index has his name (correctly) as Ivan Rakitić, with the accent on the 'c', whereas the news articles may spell his name Ivan Rakitic, without the accented 'c'.

    Essentially a different spelling, and it sounds like FI assign MB from articles with exact spelling matches. I think anyway...

  • @Rhymenoceros I thought the same but there is an article without the accent been registered.

  • @Stevo Interesting... in that case I'm not sure then haha

  • random how that article you mentioned came through at 16:28????? #conspiracytheorists

  • So my investment strategy should be to invest in Single name players. Lol

  • And now a Man Utd link appears in Media Buzz. Looks like the name Algorithm may have been altered as this mornings articles have not appeared.

  • @Spirit-cat I mentioned this on the Neves thread but I'll repeat it here - Media Buzz is not based on the websites of the news sources, but their RSS feeds. I think for whatever reason not all the articles a source publishes make it onto the RSS, and thus some articles you might see online will not get MB points.

  • Man United and Arsenal rumours continue and his price keeps dropping. OK he's our with a fractured finger for a couple of games but what am I missing?

  • Always makes me laugh when I see FRED in the MB points list. A few have been legit due to transfer speculation but most are nothing to do with him, one about Freddie Flintoff was on there the other day

  • Its automated.

    If fred was in danger of winning with dodgy articles they would be removed so dont worry about it.

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