Are English players worth it?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am completely new to FI and I've spent a few days familiarising myself with the index. Do you think its good to back English players? Are they more likely to increase?

    Thanks very much for your help

  • Welcome!
    Yes theres is a bias as FI is only established at present in the UK and the EPL is the best and most popular league in the world.
    A player being English is a positive especially if they have a chance of being in the national team.

  • thanks very much

  • You only have to look at the prices of players like Greenwood, Foden and co to see the market favours young english players. They may not win the same amount of dividends as some of the superstars like pogba or Neymar, but there’s certainly capital to be made.

    If they’re worth it depends on the player - but any Englishman with a shout at international footy will have the euros and the World Cup in consecutive years.

  • Invest in man utd players and you cant go wrong.The press are fixated with the club.

  • thanks very much for you help

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